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13 Garlic Recipes

Mike, Mary and I spent a very wet Saturday walking around the Little Falls Garlic Festival with a friend. We ended up with quite a variety to plant later this fall including 4 types of hardneck garlic, shallots and elephant garlic.

13 Garlic Recipes using Fresh Cloves of Garlic
In the mean time I’ve been looking for some recipes to use some of the extra-special garlic we harvested this July. I was about 3 weeks away from having Mary when we planted it, in the dark. We did an awful job. The ground was too wet and hard, we didn’t cover the cloves at all, not even with dirt. Seriously, they should not have grown! But they did and now I’d like to cook them up in a few new fancy ways. I searched the web to bring you 13 drool-worthy garlic recipes using only fresh garlic (no power here!). [Read more...]

No Knead Seed Bread

We stopped buying bread and pasta. Both of those are foods we tend to over eat so it seemed like a good idea. But life without bread is sad so I had to find some alternatives. With a full time job, a blog, a farm and a baby I rarely have time for hours of kneading and rising.

No Knead Seed Bread - Fast and easy to throw together with a little bit of this and a little of that you can whip up your own hearty loaf (it makes the best toast!)
This recipe yields one 9×5 loaf of hearty seed studded bread. It’s good freshly sliced but even better toasted. I like to eat it with a bit of cream cheese, Mike likes his with butter and Mary steals from whoever is holding her. [Read more...]

Favorite Chicken Breeds

Every winter I look forward to the chicken catalogs. I love flipping through, looking at the pictures, reading the descriptions and figuring out what I’d get if I had infinite money and space. Sadly I find both of those things in short supply so I have to cut back on my list. If you’ve ever found yourself in the same position you know my pain. I know how confusing it can be to settle on one, or a few chicken breeds so I asked a few of my blogger buddies what their number one chicken pick would be and why.

Favorite Chicken Breed - Chicken Scratch NY - Brahma

Just for fun we’ll start with my favorite. I absolutely adore my Brahmas. They’re a heavy breed and they do fantastically through our harsh winters, they’re SO FLUFFY and they have small combs so frostbite isn’t much of a concern. My ‘main man’ is a large Brahma and judging from the fact that all the chicks we hatch out are at least 1/2 Brahma (despite there being multiple Orpington roosters) he’s doing his job. They’re all very friendly and curious, even my rooster is a sweetie pie. [Read more...]

Back to School Christmas Shopping

It may seem like a really odd time to think about Christmas shopping, with all the craziness of school shopping and lunch packing. But it’s actually a great time to get prepped and an even better way to save money.

Back to School Christmas Shopping - Double up on your supply shopping and squirrel some away from cheap and easy Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers

This is the time of year when art supplies are at rock bottom prices. [Read more...]

Sweet Cream Pumpkin Parfait

Back in July I shared a recipe for a Black Raspberry Fool made with sweet berries and cream, at the time I though “I should make this with pumpkin”. Which is actually a pretty common theme in my head. This is a spin-off of that recipe. It replaces yogurt with cream cheese and raspberry with pumpkin for a slightly heavier creamy dessert.

Sweet Cream Pumpkin Parfait with Crumbled Gingersnaps

[Read more...]