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Legumes in the Garden & How They Make Your Soil Healthier

When it comes to improving your garden soil you usually think about additives like compost and mulch. But did you realize there are plants you can add to your flower bed that improve the nutrient value of the soil for themselves and the plants around them? Would you believe me if I said they were easy to find, easy to grow and beautiful? Seems too good to be true doesn’t it! Well, it isn’t. Let me introduce you to my friends the Fabaceae (or pea family if you want to be casual).

9 Flower Garden Legumes [Read more...]

Garden Bench Update – Part 1 + The Silhouette Challenge

I’ve had this bench for years, my grandfather made it for me for my… 16th? birthday? It sat on my moms lawn for many years until it was delivered to our house my by uncle and my very happy mother. I intended to give it a new coat of white paint and power wash the plastic lattice last year but it never happened and the bench sat lonely (and ugly) beside the driveway. Well last weekend while we were waiting for the man to pick up the cows (they have literally gone to a farm upstate, we found a new home for them because they were a lot to handle with the new baby) my brother-in-law got antsy and decided they should move RIGHT THEN! So my husband, nephew and two brothers-in-law carried it down the slippery lawn to it’s final resting place.

Bench before makeover

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X-acto Knife Cork Stamps

I was pretty late signing up for the A-Z craft month so pickings were slim when it came to letter options. I happened to have an x-acto knife on my desk at the time so I snapped up the ‘X’ spot with little to no idea of a project. I discovered a huge bag of wine corks in my craft room and that’s when this idea was born.

Carve custom #stamps from old wine #corks

Side note: a few weeks ago I sliced my finger open with a dull x-acto knife and ended up in the ER for some fancy super glue. Let me be your cautionary tale, don’t be stupid with these things! They can be dangerous! [Read more...]

From Bloomers to Bows – Making Hair Bows from Diaper Covers

I have a pile of diaper covers (bloomers?) from dresses I’ve bought my little girl. I find them pointless for a few reasons. Mostly because we use cloth diapers and the covers don’t fit over them. The other reason is we usually stick tights under the dresses and that’s just one more layer to take of a squiggly baby when she poops (again).

Make hair bows from diaper covers - Beginner level sewing tutorial [Read more...]

DIY Screen Printed Window Valance

It’s the 2nd Monday of the month and that means it’s time for the Silhouette Challenge! If you’re unfamiliar the full details are at the bottom, along with 44 links to other participants. This month I decided to make a new curtain for the kitchen window, check out yesterdays post for instructions on sewing your own window valance.#DIY Screen Printing with you #Silhouette

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