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Vegetable Garden

Growing food is one of the coolest things you can do.

It’s amazing to hold an egg and watch a chicken turn it into another chicken, but to me, it’s just as cool to plant a tiny seed and watch it turn in 50 pounds of zucchini!

I live in central New York, in zone 5b where we have WINTER and a relatively short growing season. Our frost-free time is from about Mother’s Day through the end of September.

We have a lot of rain, a lot of humidity and usually, a few weeks in the 90’s just to make things fun.

As a rule, I’m a hands-off gardener, I can’t baby plants and I expect quite a bit of self-sufficiency from the garden. I’m also really bad at weeding and my gardens never look Pinterest ready.

Vegetable Crops

garlic scapes on a table, how to grow hardneck garlic
rhubarb plant in the garden
carrots, beets and a parsnip with green on a cutting board with text overlay "how to grow and eat root vegetables"

Tomato Basil Container Garden

How to Grow Onions without Starting from Seed

Indoor Food Gardening

pea shoots under grow light in black tray with text overlay How to grow pea shoots

Unusual Garden Crops

Every year I try to add at least one new thing to my vegetable garden that’s a little unusual.

Some might question the sanity of devoting months (or years) of my life to tasting something I’ve only read about in a book. Honestly, I question myself sometimes but that doesn’t change anything.

pile of ground cherries with husks
large borage blossom up close with text overlay Edible flowers to grow and forage
small red alpine strawberry on a stalk with a white strawberry flower in front of green leaves with text overlay "how to grow alpine strawberries"

How to Grow Everbearing Raspberries

Tondo Scuro Di Piacenza Heirloom Summer Squash

Fall & Winter Gardening

large green snow pea
box of lettuce against a blue background with text overlay last minute crops for fall harvest

Looking for more?

field of daffodils with text overlay Flower Garden