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Yarn Projects

Yarn is an easy addiction. There are so many beautiful varieties available, it seems like each brand is constantly trying to outdo the others with new patterns & styles.

And that’s just at the craft store! There is an entire world of fancy handmade heirloom quality yarn available.

In the grand scheme of crafting yarn is small, portable, and easy to collect.

It helps that you can do so much with it. Whether you are crocheting, knitting, making pom poms or just wrapping it around things; your options are limitless!



two colorful scarves against a white washed wooden background
blue denim mannequin with a cream and teal scarf wrapped around its neck against a camel background with around the post crochet scarf text overlay


single white yarn ghost hanging from fishing line with a small orange pumpkin
two glass votive holders covered with white yarn and black spiders to make Halloween candle holders
Spooky Spider Halloween Wreath Tutorial
two fake pumpkins covered with chenille yarn braids held on by straight pins for DIY fall home decor
Decorate a festive holiday yarn wreath with reassembled jingle bell flowers

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