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Kitchen Tips

Homesteader kitchens tend to be busy places, we’ve usually got a lot going on in the garden or the nest boxes and it’s even more tragic to throw away food when you’ve grown it yourself.

However, we also tend to be really busy people with a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it. In my experience food the kitchens of homesteady-types tend to be be rustic, simple and really, really good.

I needed a place to corral all of my non-recipe food posts, things that focus more on kitchen technique, cooking basics and the tools I need to keep myself sane when I’m trying to cook 56 pounds of apples before they rot.

red barn in a field with text overlay "understanding the homestead lifestyle"
Wooden cutting board with a knife on a concrete slab
wooden board with olives, chees and herbs with text overlay Tips to Reduce kitchen waste
collection of canning and preserving ingredients scattered across a grey surface with text overlay best canning and preserving books for the homestead kitchen
white ceramic bowl willed with warm chunky applesauce made with maple syrup and fall spices with a green apple with cinnamon sticks with text overlay How to Make Chunky Applesauce
white distressed crate filled with fresh whole apples wit more apples scattered on a wooden surface

If you’re looking for more information check out these pages:

bowls of butter, eggs and sugar with text overlay "dessert recipes"