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Drink Recipes

Coffee, cocktails, and hot chocolate are some of my favorite things! I love playing around with new drink recipes, building on traditional favorites, and throwing together some crazy ideas.

For more cocktails and boozy recipes check out my other site: Tipsy Chickens

Hot Drink Recipes

clear glass mug filled with yellow tea a slice of lemon on a wooden board next to a piece of fresh ginger and half a lemon
clear glass mug filled with lavender hot chocolate on a rough burlap surface with a bottle of lavender syrup and a ramekin of chocolate chips

Cold Drink Recipes

tall glass filled with cramy tan tea with black boba pearls, two milano cookies, a wicker pumpkin, fake leaves and a silver bubble tea straw
lime sherbet, pineapple and lemon lime soda float in a tall ice cream glass with a black frog in the bottom right corner on a green surface with grey creepy netting and a black background
three shooter glasses filled with pink opaque liquid an red strawberry puree on a wooden cutting board with a red, ripe strawberry
two raspberry peach mimosas in champagne flutes with lemon slices and red raspberries
champagne, orange and rhubarb juice in flip top bottles, champagne glass filled with rhubarb mimosa with orange garnish with two stalks of rhubarb

If you’re looking for more information check out these pages:

bowls of butter, eggs and sugar with text overlay "dessert recipes"