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Preserving the Harvest

When you grow your own food you’ll usually end up with a lot all at once. That’s why farming/homesteading and preserving go hand in hand.

The idea of treating food seasonally isn’t really a thing anymore, we can eat tomatoes shipped thousands of miles in February and citrus from warehouses in the middle of June.

If you’re growing your own food or sourcing it locally you no longer have the ability to snap your fingers and have whatever you want whenever you want it. Instead you have to do some prep work and preserve food while it’s in season.

On the bright side, fresh produce is usually at its cheapest when it’s in season!

Somethings are easier to put up than others, you can’t get any easier than plunking a pumpkin in a cool dry area! While others require canning and special equipment.

If you’re trying something new please, please, please pay attention to modern safety standards! I don’t care if your grandma survived, you might give yourself, or worse your kids botulism following unsafe canning methods!

Preserving Fresh Food

canning jars on a a wooden rustic shelf
white distressed crate filled with fresh whole apples wit more apples scattered on a wooden surface
stacked jars of canned produce with text overlay for The Best Canning & Preserving Books

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