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Garlic Scape Recipes

Hardneck garlic is the garden crop that keep giving. About a month before you pull the bulbs you get a lovely, loopy treat called a garlic scape.

If you grow your own garlic you’ll be drowning them, if not you’ll have to check out a farmers market or a farm stand in the late spring time.

Each hardneck garlic plant produces one scape, if left to their own devices they’ll turn into a pretty flower. But since we’re all looking for nice, fat cloves of garlic they get the snip.

You can break them off with your hands (they snap pretty easily) or cut with scissors or clippers. Once you get them into the house the real magic happens.

Garlic Scape Recipes

Garlic scapes are a seasonal delight that almost as versatile as garlic itself. They have a short season and there's no reason not to eat them as many ways as possible while they're available.

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