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Crochet Mitten Patterns

Crochet is having a moment and with the weather turning cold it’s the perfect time to make your own crochet mittens from one of these free patterns!

Despite being a fairly regular crocheter, it never occurred to me to make crochet mittens until I saw a pair that I had to have, and by that I mean I had to make.

Most yarn mittens are knit, which is a skill I will never master. Knit fabric has more stretch and it’s great for a garment where mobility is needed.

That said, there are a lot of genius crocheters out there who have put together incredible patterns that make the most of crocheted fabric.

Best Yarn for Crochet Mittens

Without getting into specific yarns (because there are too many and they seem to change every 3 seconds) there are a few things to look for when you’re planning out your yarn purchases or searching your stash.

Number one, avoid cotton. The purpose of mittens is to keep your hands warm and dry. Cotton is great, as a quilter my home is stuffed with it, but it’s super absorbent, and wet mittens aren’t what anyone wants.

Wool is an obvious choice, it’s water-repellent and super warm but it can also be pricey. If you’re going with wool, look for a superwash or washable yarn so you don’t accidentally end up with felted doll mittens.

If you don’t like the way wool feels, alpaca has similar warming and moisture-wicking abilities along with a super soft texture. Of course, it also tends to be pretty pricey!

When it comes to crafting I try really hard to stick with eco-friendly materials that won’t outlive me by 10,000 years but acrylic yarn is one of my big exceptions.

Yarn is expensive and one of the best ways to make this hobby affordable is by using acrylic yarn. It might not be as warm as wool but it’s almost always washable and it’s not going to soak up the snow and turn your fingers to icicles!

I tried to find patterns that used different weights of yarn, including worsted and bulky so fingers crossed you find something that works with your stash!

When it comes to colors, pick your favorite or whatever coordinates with your winter gear. My personal guideline is to stick to simple yarn for complex patterns and pull out the fun multi-color yarns for simple patterns where your work doesn’t get lost.

If you’re looking to buy some yarn (and aren’t we all?) here are a few options you can find at Michael’s:

Or if you prefer to shop online:

The Patterns

The patterns I’ve collected here are all free, but some have an optional paid PDF which can come in handy if you’re on the go or just looking for everything in one place uninterrupted with ads.

Free Crochet Mitten Patterns

From classic designs to whimsical patterns and intricate textures, you'll find something to suit every skill level and style! Grab your yarn and pick up a hook, as we dive into the enchanting realm of crochet mittens where comfort and fashion effortlessly intertwine!

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crochet granny squares made with cream, orange, rust and brown yarn with text overlay "granny square bags to crochet"
blue denim mannequin with a cream and teal scarf wrapped around its neck against a camel background with around the post crochet scarf text overlay