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DIY Rustic Christmas Decorations

Farmhouse decor hits a high note around Christmas and during the whole holiday season. What’s not to love about the simple beautiful, rustic and natural decorating style? It’s even better when you can DIY your decorations.

burlap bow with pinecones and greenery over a tan background with text overlay DIY Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Decorations

I have the too much gene and it comes out hardcore around the holidays. It’s my moms fault. Right now her house is liberally coated in white Christmas lights and every surface is home to a collection of breakable Santa or Snowman figurines.

I’ve done my best to bring that almost overwhelming amount of holiday cheer into my house but I had to do it my way. Unlike my mom, I have 2 kids, 2 dogs, 2.5 cats and a parrot that insist on, you know, living in my home.

Everything I decorate with has to either be sturdy or nailed down. There are tubs of porcelain ornaments hidden away in my basement for the (sad) day when I no longer have to battle tiny fingers for control of the Christmas tree.

And I’m ok with it. I want to live in a home, not a museum. And my personal style sits somewhere in the Rustic/Farmhouse area of the home decor spectrum.

To be honest I’m not 100% sure about the Farmhouse aesthetic. Farms have a lot of poop on them, I’m not sure why that’s something people who don’t battle geese want to emulate in their homes.

But it’s the category I fall into so here we are. If you’re looking for an unbreakable DIY Rustic Farmhouse Christmas, this is for you!

I’ve got tutorials for Wreaths, Stockings, Ornaments, Signs & More!

Rustic Christmas Wreaths

It’s probably best to start with the front door right? That’s usually the first think people see when they come to visit and check out your holiday cheer.

Personally I love making wreaths, I make a new one every year for just about every season. I wanted to share a few rustic Christmas wreaths with you today:

rustic country Christmas wreat with antlers, pine cones and buffalo check ribbon

Farmhouse Christmas Wreath from Chicken Scratch NY

Kicking it off with my wreath tutorial featuring buffalo check ribbon pinecones and fake antlers. A quick trip through Michael’s will set you up with everything you need to make your own.

Embroidery Hoop Christmas Wreath from Mom Envy

This is the perfect mix of simple and busy. Embroidery hoops are really big right now in decorating and I think that’s pretty cool. They’re cheap and easy to find and it’s really easy to get a cool look like this one just by hooping some festive fabric.

Felt Magnolia Wreath from Burlap & Blue

Magnolia wreaths aren’t a huge thing where I live, I think it’s just too cold here but I love the DIY felt version here. I might make a few small ones in a deeper gren felt to decorate my kitchen cabinets.

Easy Christmas Burlap Wreath from Mom Advice

Burlap is as rustic as it gets, that’s half the reason I have floor length burlap curtains in my living room. I love the addition of the black and white photos on this wreath, it would be perfect for an interior door or hanging on a cabinet or above the mantle.

Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Christmas trees are my favorite Christmas decoration. Every year we go to a local tree farm to cut ours down and then I cover it with enough white lights to illuminate the state.  I also have several small fake trees that I decorate with all of my hand made ornaments.

Macramé wreath ornament made with twine, silver bell and and buffalo check ribbon

Rustic Twine & Bell Ornaments

This is my latest Christmas ornament creation. I wanted to get a rough texture from the twine and I think the macrame half knot did a great job. You can’t go wrong with bells  on the tree either, sometimes I hand them all alone on the tree just so I can tell if the cats are invading.

Lace Angel Wing Ornaments from Pillar Box Blue

Rough and aged textures are really central to a rustic or farmhouse style. Bonus points for recycling like grandma used to do which is what this set of sweet angel wings reminds me of. I do have a soft spot for old doilies, I still have my doily lamp shade on my bedroom night stand.

Make adorable Santa Hat Punch Needle Ornaments with this quick pattern utilizing 2 loop lengths for texture

Santa Hat Punch Needle Ornaments

Punch needle embroidery seems to be right at home with a farmhouse aesthetic. I love the craft and I prefer to keep my colors brighter than you usually see. I made a few of these ornaments and I can never resist giving them a quick pet when I pass them on the tree.

Mercury Glass Ornaments from The Rustic Elk

Who doesn’t love mercury glass? I have a few red mercury glass ornaments on my main tree (all the ornaments on that tree are red!) and you can’t beat the way the lights hits them.

I need to try my hand at a few of these, I love that they’re shatterproof! Based on the sound of ornaments hitting the ground you’d have though we were playing ping pong when the kids helped me decorate.

Turn scraps into pretty fabric ornaments combining prairie points, yo-yos and fancy buttons

Prairie Point Ornaments

More red and white, did you guess this was another on of my tutorials? These scrappy ornaments are all made by hand and they’re a great way to use up leftover fabric and lonely buttons. It’s not a necessity but having a yo-yo maker on hand will make these come together even quicker.

Farmhouse Chicken Ornament from Creative Green Living

Can you have a farmhouse without at least a few chickens? Real or fake chickens are the farmhouse living mascot. I love the white finish on the rooster here, it reminds me of my milk glass collection, including the milkglass I painted last Christmas!

Applique Quilt Block Ornament from Super Mom No Cape

Quilting is a classic old school skill, I love how these little ornaments turned out. If they didn’t make it to the tree you could use them as coasters!

Fabric Christmas ornaments are a great way to add a personalized touch to your holidays, it’s easy to make them fit whatever color scheme you want and you need such a small amount of materials that it’s always pretty cheap. 

Farmhouse Christmas Decorations

diy tan felt stocking with burlap cuff and vintage button decoration

Burlap & Felt Stockings

What’s Christmas without stockings? I made a set of burlap stocking a few years ago, they fit the rustic Christmas aesthetic perfectly, from the burlap cuff to the decorative zigzag stitching. 

Joy Window Sign from Making Manzanita

This sign would be perfect hanging up all year round, I think we all need more joy in our lives! The distressed white frame and the loose wreath really hit all the right rustic notes.

Minimalist Christmas Tree Stocking Holders - An easy #DIY woodworking project for simplified #Christmas #Stockings

Wooden Stocking Holders

I made this set of stocking holders years ago when I only had two stockings. Now I have 4 people stockings and 6 animal stocking so it’s been used to hang up Christmas garlands. Staining the wood instead of painting it lets the wood grain show through for a more rustic finish. 

Wooden Star from Cutesy Crafts

Stars are very common in farmhouse decorating, I have a large metal on the wall year round and I have a pile of cast iron barn stars that I place all over the shelves when they look at a bit empty. 

As much as I love the Christmas lettering on this wooden star I think I’d leave it off so I could keep the star out all year. I actually might do that when the dust settles from the holidays! 

five strands of burgundy beads and unbleached muslin fabric over a white background

Rustic Rag and Bead Garland

Another Christmas decoration I’ve had for years! See what I mean about sturdy? Every year I add a few more things and let me tell you, after 7+ years of constant crafting there isn’t a lot of house left without a bunch of decorations! 

I have two sets of this garland, one with bright red beads and the other with the burgundy you see in the picture. This year I have them hanging over the windows behind the tree and along the bookcases where I have my Nativity set and Silent Night background.

The best thing about garlands is how versatile they are. You can slap them up anywhere you need some holiday magic!

Mason Jar Lid Christmas Tree from Brought to you by Mom

Canning is a classic farmhouse activity, and if you’ve ever done it you know you’ll end up with a million metal rings you don’t need. You use the rings to hold the lids on when you’re processing the jars but then you remove them for storage. 

I’ve seen them turned into pumpkin crafts but this is the first Christmas sign I’ve seen. I love the simplicity and geometric pattern against the white wood. 

Craft a Christmas Countdown Tree you can use year after year. Customize by changing the paper ornaments to fit your color scheme

Rustic Christmas Countdown

Even though I have nine advent calenders in my house this is my favorite. It doesn’t beat out the chocolate calendars with the girls but it is a close second 😉

I’m still using the same gold bulbs but I might mix it up and add a few red glitter or maybe mercury glass paper bulbs. 

Our Home Believes Sign from Where the Smiles Have Been

Simplicity is really at the heart of rustic holiday decorations and I think this sign really captures that. I’m also pretty excited to see I’m not the only blogger around still using a Silhouette Cameo! It seems like every one else jumped ship to Cricut Island haha

Primitive Beeswax Candle Display

Beeswax Candle Centerpiece

I burn candles every night in the winter, my favorite are beeswax. I love how bright the flames are and the whitish bloom that forms on the candles gives them a beautiful rustic finish you can’t replicate.

Christmas Pickup Sign from Leaf of Faith Crafting

I’ve shoved Christmas trees in the trunk of my Honda Accord and this year it was tied to the top of my Rogue (30 hit me hard haha) but I’ve never been lucky enough to bring one home in a vintage pickup truck.

My kids would love a version of this sign with a blue truck and colored lights like in their favorite Christmas book Little Blue Truck’s Christmas

I hope I’ve given you enough ideas to DIY yourself a Rustic Farmhouse Christmas! Check out my Christmas page for more of my ideas or start here:

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Great roundup. Thank you for including my doily angel wings.