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22 Fabric Christmas Ornament Tutorials

Fabric Ornament Round Up

I love fabric, I have a room in my house basically dedicated to it. I fully admit I have more than I’ll ever use. Part of the problem is my lack of willpower (especially against the remnant bin at Joann’s) and part of it is my inability to toss usable scraps.

But you know what scraps are perfect for? Ornaments. Here is a round up (in no particular order) of 22+ amazing fabric ornament tutorials:

Turn scraps into pretty fabric ornaments combining prairie points, yo-yos and fancy buttons

Prairie Point Christmas Ornaments from CSNY

I made this several years ago and they’re still a favorite to hang on the tree. I love fabric ornaments for the depth they add to the tree, it’s nice to have something that isn’t shiny you know?

You’ll need fabric squares and some patience for these but the aren’t hard. A yo-yo maker will make life even easier for you.


Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial from Life After Laundry

This is one of my favorite ornament tutorials. It looks so much more complicated than it is!

You could make up a whole forest worth of tree ornaments in an evening with a variety of colors and patterns.

Felt Ornament 5

Felt Christmas Ball Ornaments from Zakka Life

If you saw my Christmas Garland round up you probably picked up that I love felt for crafting.

I’ve got these on my must craft list for sure! [UPDATE 2016 – this post is no longer available sorry!]


Burlap and Paper Stars from Helmar USA

I love rough and rustic styled ornaments and these fit that perfectly from the raw edges to the large stitches.

You layer stiffened fabric, buttons and rustic stitches to make custom ornaments.


Cinnamon Stick Christmas Tree from Cosmo Cricket

Love the scrappy nature of this, you don’t even need to use holiday fabric!

As a bonus you get a little cinnamon scent, I love to store Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments with my holiday ornaments. That way when I open the tubs and tins they have that holiday scent.


Kissing Ball from Good Housekeeping

This is a great  idea for old, ugly ornaments. I’ve got a huge container of shatter-proof bulbs that I’ll never use again that will be getting this treatment.

I can see a whole tree decked out in upcycles bulbs! It would be an easy and cheap way to change up the color scheme every year.

white felted wool mitten ornament1

Mini Felted Wool Mitten Ornaments from House Revival

Upcycleing is a great way to stretch your holiday budget. You could add these to a gift and tuck an extra surprise in the pocket.

They’d also made an adorable advent calendar!

IMG_2653-1 copy

Make your own Mistletoe from Stay at Home Artist

The little pearls add a sweet holiday touch. I really love the shape and simplicity of the dusty green felt.

I wish we had somewhere to hang mistletoe where I wouldn’t smack my hear on it 15 times a day!


Scrappy Christmas Trees from Debz Days

Scrappy fabric crafts are my favorite, there is so much less pressure when you are working with throw away bits!

You could make a whole set of these very quickly and they would all be different.

14.01.09 298

Folded Fabric Ornament from Katroma’s Tutorials

This one’s a little more complicates than the others, there is an element of origami going on too. They have ‘family heirloom’ written all over them.

I love the addition of the buttons. It gives them an extra 3D appeal and a chance to make them extra fancy.

Burlap Ornaments Title

Painted Burlap Ornaments from Tutus and Tea Parties

The little frames remind me of pocket watches! This is a great project for the less than crafty, stencils make painting the burlap so easy. (2017 no longer available)


Gnome Ornaments from Revoluzzza

I’m not sure if I like the little faces, the tiny beards or the teardrop shape more!  I want a whole army of these little guys on my tree, I’d probably replace the bead on top with a jingle bell.

Rise of the Guardians is one of my new favorite Christmas movies and they remind me of the little elves.


Retro Fabric Christmas Lights from Kojo Designs

Another project perfect for the scrap bin! I love how the creator gives instructions for making single ornaments and a garland.

I have a special place in my heart for wonky decorations. I love that the bulbs are all a little different and it really ads to the charm.

Ogee Ornament

Felt Ogee Ornament from betz white

I know this looks like a brain teaser but it’s not hard to make this at all! The little balls finishing off the top and bottom add a great touch.


Winter Caroler Tutorial from Gingercake

This is another slightly involved ornament but so worth it in the end! You could even make some to look like your family and friends.

thanksgiving and 23 tutorial 067

Country Santa from Craft Goodies

Look at his little face! Even though this looks involved there really isn’t a lot standing between you and your very own rustic Santa.


Frilly and Flouncy Ruffled Balls from Simply Notable

Ruffled fabric is perfect for adding texture to anything. You wouldn’t even need that many of these fluffy balls to make a statement on your tree.


Felt & Burlap Wreath Ornament from Little Home on the Range

This is a cute project you could let the older kids help with,  start by cutting piles of squares in several colors out of burlap and felt and then let everyone make their own custom wreath.


Recycled T-shirt Pom Pom from Skip to my Lou

Who doesn’t have a bag (or six) of t-shirts hanging wound waiting to become something more fun?


Plaid Christmas Ornaments from Honey Bear Lane

My inner lumberjack loves these!  You could substitute any fabric you have and transform your tree with a cheapo box of shatterproof ornaments and a glue gun.

Fabric Christmas Tree Ornaments

Stuffed Christmas Tree Ornaments from CSNY

Simple enough for a sewing novice these stuffed trees are easy to customize to your color scheme and cheap to make even if you need to buy everything (except maybe a sewing machine)

Christmas Ornaments

YoYo Ornaments from CSNY

I can say from personal experience that these also make great kitten toys. I don’t know where they are finding them but at least once a day I find one being flung around like a hockey puck.

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Your article tutorial for Christmas ornaments is definitely genuine for me, simple but looks elegant. HMMM! I already smell the the spirit of Christmas Eve. Thank you for the share.


Saturday 3rd of December 2016

Unfortunately the link to the Felt Christmas Ball by Zakka does not yield results. It leads to her website but there is no longer that item :-(


Sunday 12th of October 2014

I am so happy I came across your website. Thank you for putting all these lovelies together for all of us to enjoy and make!!! Just enough time too before Christmas!


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