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Christmas Garland Round Up

Deck the halls with yards of garlands! *Sadly the yo-yo garland tutorial in the top right of the graphic is no longer available online 🙁

DIY Christmas Garland Tutorials

I hang them over doorways, windows, hutches, on shelves, on the tree and sometimes on my dog. There is a lot of variety in the garland world, from edible stands of popcorn and cranberry to shiny metallic bobbles to cozy felt or wood.

Garlands can be made to any length depending on necessity, supplies or patience. Here are 24 tutorials to get you started:

A fast and easy holiday garland using craft wire, peppermints and a spoon

Peppermint Garland from Chicken Scratch NY

Easy to throw together, all you need is wire and a bag of peppermints. You can even snag a few for pre-mistletoe kisses 😉

copyright danabueno

Vintage Christmas Garland from Buenovida

I love the scrappy look and how it’s artfully sparse, sometimes you don’t need a supper fluffy garland to get the job done.  I’ve also got to give an A+ in fabric choice, love the bright colors and polka-dot/stripe mix


Twisted Felt Garland from Purlbee

I’ve actually made these! My best advice is don’t try to make them too long, make shorter segments and sew them together or you’ll end up in knots silently cursing.

The peppermint pink and white colors are adorable and a little bit unexpected. I made mine in green and red, you can see them on my 2011 Rustic Country Christmas Tree if you look really hard!


Twig Garland from Funky Junk Interiors

This is right up my alley, hours of mindless work resulting in a somewhat pokey but delightful decoration. I wish I had a huge stair case to display this beauty on!


Styrofoam and Washi Tape Garland from Funkytime

This simple garland is super quick to throw together and easily adaptable to any color scheme. You can washi tape in a billion patterns and it’s super cheap. Michaels had a bunch on clearance for 3/$1 last time I was there.


Stenciled Burlap Garland from Anyone Can Decorate

If you haven’t guessed, I love Burlap. I have quite a collection too, the only time I tried to paint on burlap was a total disaster but I’m thinking about trying again using this stencil method!


Scrappy Lighted Garland from Life After Laundry

Another scrappy garland (can you tell I have a thing for scrap projects?) this one features a strand of lights at the center so you can light and decorate your tree (or stairs, fireplace, etc; I’d leave this one off the dog though) all at once!


Capiz Shell Look-a-like Garland from Home Stories A to Z

I love the look of capiz shells but they’re so darn fragile! I had a pretty candle holder and I swear the shells shatter if you breathe too hard. This faux shell garland is a way around that!

I made a similar looking garland with a different technique for Valentine’s day. It gets it color from tissue paper. A green and red version would be perfect for Christmas!


Felt & Sequin Banner from Make It Do

Felt is one of my favorite craft materials, it doesn’t fray and that means no edge finishing. I love the sparkly sequins used sparingly on this banner, Mike hates glitter so I avoid sparkly things but I could totally bring this in the house without him having a  fainting spell.

I have a whole separate round up of felt holiday crafts to check out if you’re as crazy about it as I am!


Pine Cone Garland from Twig & Thistle

This simple garland secures pine cones to a pretty ribbon. They could easily be removed to make ornaments too!


Popcorn and Cranberry Garland from Simmworks Family

Every year I say I’ll make some of these for the chickens to decorate their coop. And then time gets away from me and the poor chickens don’t get to celebrate the holidays with us. Maybe this is their year?


“Merry Christmas” Ornament Banner from TWH

You could throw this together in an evening for a few bucks. I love simple and use-able projects like this, especially when you end up with a great statement piece like this.


Felt Leaf Garland by Me Oh My Mama

This one isn’t for the faint of heart, all those leaves are hand cut out of felt! I think the little pompoms finishing it off add the perfect holiday touch.

pom pom garland wm

Simple Christmas Garland from My Fabuless Life

I’ve included a lot of simple garlands but this one takes the cake! Don’t blow it off though, the bi-color pompom garland is adorable!


Cookie Cutter Garland and Felt Square Garland with Bows from The Inspired Room

Two (actually 4 if you go to the whole post) for one special! I’d hang the cookie cutter garland anywhere, from the kitchen to the bedroom and I love how much texture the felt squares bring to the room.

Canning Jar Ring Garland full

Canning Ring Garland from Simply Klassic Home

I’ve got boxes of these things in my pantry, some are new and shiny, some are showing their age and they cover the silver and gold color spectrums. I love the look of the mixed colors, finishes and sizes combined on one garland.

IMG_5757a sm1

Paper Star Garland from Clever Nest

Don’t these folded stars look just like they were made from metal? Amazing to think they are all made from wrapping paper!


Shatterproof Ornament Garland from The Flair Exchange

Think how fast you could decorate a tree if all your ornaments were on garlands!


Bakers Twine Garland from Lolly Jane

I decorate my house with actual balls of yarn I wind from remnants but these twine balls look so much easier! I love the two different sizes they used

Day 7a

Peppermint Garland from All in One Day’s Time

Spoiler Alert! This year I plan on doing my whole dinning room in red and white peppermint-inspired decorations!  This sweet wooden garland would fit right in!


Advent Banner from Bloom Design Online

I LOVE any type of count down. When I was little I lived for paper chains that you could tear a ring off of every day. This is like a classier version of that, and you get to fill each bag with tiny treats!


Felt Snowflake Garland from Creating Cupcakes

I was not kidding earlier up when I said all those nice things about crafting with felt. I love how much this stands out against the dark background.

Scrappy Christmas Garland

Rag and Bead Garland

I just couldn’t leave off this one, it’s one of my favorite Christmas projects to date, it’s easy, it’s cheap and it’s fast. That’s the seldom achieved holiday crafting trifecta! Not to mention they can take a real beating and keep looking great

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Saturday 18th of October 2014

yo-yos are easy. Just cut circles about twice as big as you want the yo-yo to be. Turn down the edge of the circle and do a simple running stitch around to hold the "hem" in place and gather by pulling. You should end up with something that looks like a shower cap. Flatten it and take a few stitches to secure the front to the back and tie a knot. Sew them together with a binding stitch. Place the two yo-yos together facing each other to sew. Good luck.

Lolly Jane

Wednesday 30th of October 2013

Ooooh that pom pom garland is seriously cute! Thank you for featuring ours, too! (; xo


Tuesday 30th of July 2013

bookmarking these for November! i'm really awful at decorations. i can decorate the tree but i never know what to put around the apartment that the preschoolers can pull down to play with. Thanks so much for these great ideas!