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Fence Post Pumpkins

You really can turn anything into a pumpkin. Today we’re using a few pieces of old round wooden fence post. If you don’t have that on hand you can easily swap it out for a 2×4 or 4×4.

three pieces of round fence post painted orange with sticks glued to the top to make fence post pumpkins

I love taking a good idea and beating it to death. That’s why I have 3 different tin can windsocks (a ghost, a witch and Frankenstein if you’re curious).

This is the fall version of my Firecracker Centerpiece. The basic supplies are the same, three pieces of wooden fence post and paint.  How hard can it be right?

I did go a bit further into my crafting hoard and pulled out my Dremel for this. I wanted to give the pumpkins carved faces on one side for Halloween.

You can skip that step and paint the faces of you don’t have a Dremel or don’t feel like getting sawdust everywhere.

I have a ton of decorations and having anything be two holidays in one is a big help! All you need to do to take these guys from Halloween to Thanksgiving is give them a quick spin.

Reversible Fence Post Pumpkin Supplies:

? 3 pieces of wood, all different heights

? 3  dry sticks for stems (no one wants moldy pumpkins)

? Drill with bit large enough for your sticks

? Pencil

? Orange and black paint

? Dremel with carving bit

? Sanding block

? Paint brushes

? Hot glue gun


1. Starting with three pieces of round fence post use the sanding blocks (or sandpaper) to get rid of any splintery edges and smooth things down for the paint

2. Eyeball center and  drill a hole, about 1/2 in deep, in the top

3. Draw or trace a face on each chunk of wood

4. Using the Dremel carefully carve the faces about 1/4 of an inch deep. Protect your eyes! Wear safety glasses and a mask.It doesn’t have to be perfect, we’re going for rustic here!

5. Paint the sides and top orange and using a smaller brush fill in the face with black paint

6. Once everything is dry sand around the edges, over the face and anywhere else you’d like a bit of the original wood to show through

7. Glue the stems in the holes you made earlier, tie a piece of ribbon, rick rack or raffia to the top and you’ve got an everlasting pumpkin display!

wooden fance posts with carved faces turned into Halloween jack-o-lanterns

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Check out my Autumn Page for more fall crafts or start here:

pumpkin planter made from reycled can and filled with yellow mumswhite wall with two hanging black canvases with orange pumpkins and names in black block letters, one says MARY and the other says KAT with creep black branches in the corner

Fence Post Pumpkins- Turn an old round fence post into a trio of adorable #pumpkins with 2 personalities. Carved faces on one side are all set for #Halloween and the blank side will carry your from September 1st to #Thanksgiving.

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