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Fonts on the First – Floral Fonts


Floral Font Collection

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Fonts on the First – Polka Dot Fonts


Are you ready for your (slight late) monthly dose of font love? I’ve got a great round up for you this time with a whole collection of polka dotty goodness.

March Font Collection

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Fonts on the First: Holiday Fonts


Now that the holidays are upon us it’s time to send out those holiday cards and spread all sorts of good cheer! To make that easier I’ve rounded up a few fonts that I think look especially nice with seasonal sayings. For this time of year I prefer handwritten fonts, it adds a personal touch even if it is computer generated. It’s also a great time to break out the super fancy fonts that seem out of place for every day use

Favorite Holiday Fonts

 Always ForeverCenteria ScriptChampagneChampignonChopin Script

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Fonts on the 15th – Kimberly Geshwin Fonts


I’m interrupting our regular programming to welcome a new Chicken Scratch Sponsor! Kimberly Geswein is a brilliant font designer with a huge catalog of work. Her fonts are all so happy and cheerful. They would be right at home on invitations to a little girls birthday party of thank you notes for a tea party. She has 198 fonts available for download on Dafont and all are free for personal use! That means you can use them for your crafts and scrapbooks for free. If you want to use them commercially, for example on your blog or in your store, licenses are available for only $5 per font.

Today I’ll be sharing some of my favorites to give you a taste of what she has to offer:

Kimberly Geswein

 From Where You AreJanda Apple CobblerJanda Curly Girl

Janda Snickerdoodle SerifJanda Sparkle and ShineKG God Game Me You

KG Skinny LatteKG Strawberry LimeadeLavender LimeShadows into Light

*Bonus Fact*

God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton was our first dance at the wedding 🙂

Kimberly makes and updates her fonts almost constantly (I’m not sure she even sleeps!) the best place to keep up id on her Facebook page. Tell her Alecia from Chicken Scratch Sent you!

Please remember artists like Kimberly rely on licensing fees to let hem keep making new fonts and provide for their families, please stay honest! If you want to use a font for watermarking or creating a logo pay for the license and support the community 🙂

November Fonts on the First – Hand Sewn


Can you smell the gingerbread baking, hear the crackling fire (that may or may not be the netflix yule log because your house doesn’t have a fire place) and taste the eggnogg? No? Well even if you can’t, it’s still sneaking closer and closer to Christmas and if you’re a crafter you know the time for action is now! Today’s round up is all stitch inspired fonts for your holiday gifting. Enjoy!

Stitching Text

Alpha Shapes GridBase 05Fabrics,  Goodbye Crewel World,  Kingthings XstitchNeedlework Good, PatchesPatchwork Letter,  Scars Before ChristmasSinger Mears,  TungFont AlphaVTKS Embroidery*

My favorite is Needlework Good, which ones do you like?

*Top line is all caps, bottom line is lowercase

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