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Sew Many Spirits Halloween Quilt Pattern

Measuring 50 x 58, the Sew Many Spirits Quilt is the perfect size to adorn your couch, armchair, or bed with spectral elegance. Whether you’re snuggling up for a ghost story marathon or hosting a haunted gathering, this quilt will be your faithful companion.

Summon a house full of spirits with this haunting quilt featuring a captivating array of ghostly apparitions, potion bottles, crystal balls, pumpkins, and gravestones, ensuring a spellbinding experience for all who behold it!

I designed this quilt with fabric stashes in mind, you have a lot of room to change up the colors, do a little fussy cutting if that’s your style, and make the most of your leftovers.

You don’t even need Halloween fabric to make this oh-so-spooky quilt! I made my original sample with fabric from the ‘calico wall’ at Joann’s.

All of the blocks are the same size so if you aren’t feeling the candles or gravestones you can easily swap them out for more potion bottles or ghosts!

Fabric Requirements:

  • 2 1/8 yards Black (background, sashing & border)
  • 3/8 yard Blue
  • 1/2 yard White
  • 1/2 yard Gray
  • 1/4 yard Orange
  • 1/4 yard Purple
  • 1/4 yard Yellow
  • 1/8 yard Green
  • 3 1/8 Backing
  • 1/2 yard Binding (or 6 – 2.5″ strips)

The colors shown are to coordinate with the patterns, feel free to switch them up to suit your tastes and stash!

All of the block patterns are written with cutting instructions for one block at a time to make it easier to cut from your stash. You will need two of each block for the throw-size quilt.

The patterns will be released in sets of 2 for free in the month of October 2023 and will remain available through the end of November.

Then it will disappear! But only temporarily, the pattern will return to my shop all in one piece for a small fee.

You can get all of the patterns (along with my whole collection of paid patterns and quite a few awesome freebies) in my shop.

Part 1

Get the Pumpkins & Candles pattern

Part 2

Get the Large Ghosts & Gravestones pattern

Part 3

Get the Small Ghosts & Potion Bottle pattern

Part 4

Get the Crystal Ball & Stars pattern

Part 5

Get Assembly Instructions

Check out my Quilting page for more info or start here: