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DIY Beaded Snowman Charm

No matter how much you may hate snow, snowmen are an all around favorite. Who doesn’t love Frosty? Today I’m going to show you how to make a simple Beaded Snowman Charm.

snowman charm made from beads on a head pin with pliers

This little guy is very simple to make and only requires a few basic supplies and tools. The downside (if you can call it that) is that I used strung beads and you have to buy way more beads than you’ll need.

And because each bead is different you’ll need to buy 4 strings. On the bright side, it’s still a really cheap project! I got all of my bead at Joann Fabrics and spent less than $10.

Unfortunately none of the beads have any identifying information on the labels. All of the beads I used have a blue Hildie & Jo label on them. I will put the item number next to my description on the supply list.

four stings of beads, a package of head pins and a pair of round nosed pliers used to make a beaded snowman charm

They have very regular sales on the beads and keep an eye out for a % off your total purchase coupon. I can’t keep a coupon to save my life so I use the Joann app, this isn’t sponsored by the way. I just have a craft supply problem.

The whole charm is built on a head pin. You can find a few styles, I used one with a flat bottom but you can also find them with rings or balls on the bottom. If you want to make a whole bracelet of snowmen charms grab the ones with rings on the bottom and half your job is done. 

You’ll only need one tool, a pair of special jewelry making pliers. Look for a pair with round tips and a wire cutter. If you can’t find that you’ll need a pair with round tips and a separate wire cutter. 

Each charm will take less than a minute once you get the loop down. This is the perfect craft for teens, anyone with a large gift list or even for making a few extra bucks at craft fairs before the holidays.

Snowman Charm Supplies:

pair of jewelry pliers, a large white pearl, a medium white pearl, a flattened black bead and a round black bead with a silver head pin

❄️ 1.25 inch head pin

❄️ Large White Pearl [1221-8855]

❄️ Small White Pearl [1221-8814]

❄️ Flattened Black Bead [1005-6315]

❄️ Small Round Black Bead [0177-6228]

❄️ Jewelry Pliers  – Round Nosed & Wire Cutter


1. String the beads on the the head pin from the bottom up: Large Pearl, Small Pearl, Flattened Black Bead, Small Black Bead

a large white pearl, a medium white pearl, a flattened black bead and a round black bead strung onto a silver head pin with 1/4 inch cut off

2. Clip the head pin about 1/4 inch above the top bead using the wire cutter

3. Use the rounded tips to curl the head pin into a ring

Don’t forget to PIN this to your Craft board for later!

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