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2 Valentine’s Day Word Searches – Free & Printable


The Superb Owl and the Muskrat Meteorologist have had their time in the sun (well, not the Broncos but that’s not important right now) and it’s time for the most romantic holiday. My husband is working so I’ll be spending the night with the baby, the dog and not one, not two but 2.5 spoiled lap cats (actually 3 but we call Gumball our half cat). My plan is to work my way thorough these puzzles and a large quantity of chocolate ice cream.

I tried something different for this puzzle, the bold words in all caps are the one’s to look for:

Easy #Free #Printable Valentine's Day Wordsearch

If you happen to sleep at night (let it be known how jealous I am) you might have the mental capacity to tackle a slightly harder puzzle:

**The original file contains an error (nicely pointed out by a reader!) the new PDF is correct, the phrase “conversation hearts” is not in the word search and was removed from the word bank**

Hard #Free #Printable Valentine's Day Wordsearch

As always these puzzles are made available for your use, print off one or a hundred but please do not sell or otherwise profit from my hard work!

PDF versions are available (without watermark) for download here from Google Drive.

In case you aren’t satisfied with just one set of Valentine’s Day Wordfinds you can check out last years


  1. Hello Alecia,
    First things first, congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby! There is no greater joy.
    I just found your site and I love it. You are one smart cookie.
    I live “down the road” from you – Hudson Valley. I’m just a feeeww years older, twenty -but I count by tens. I have two daughters of my own, 13 and 10, and they are an absolute good! My husband works in the arts and I’m a sub-teacher…money? what’s money? So I’m learning all your thrifty tricks and I can’t wait to try a few.
    Enjoy that beautiful baby, she’ll be a teenager tomorrow.

    • Aw thank you! She is growing so fast, she’s already grown out of her 3 month jammies (I might have teared up packing away the newborn clothing she wore for all of 2 weeks!) so my little 10 week old baby is in 6 month sleepers already! It seems like she’ll be in college if I blink to much. Good luck with your projects, I’d love to see how they turn out!

  2. Is anyone else having trouble finding conversation hearts? I have found everything else, but not that. Thanks

  3. My daughter loves Word Searches but it’s been awhile since she has done any. These look very nice. Thank you for sharing them for free!
    Thaleia (@Something2Offer) recently posted…10 Ways to Use Medicine CupsMy Profile

  4. The puzzles are beautiful!

    Angie recently posted…Homeschool Crash Course GiveawayMy Profile