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Halloween Spider Web Wreath


I wanted to make a fun Halloween wreath this year that wouldn’t take a lot of time. You should be able to put this together pretty quickly if you have all of your supplies together.

Spooky Spider #Halloween #Wreath

You will need:

  • Grapevine Wreath
  • Black spray paint
  • Wooden/MDF letters (Mine spell “BOO”)
  • Large Spider (found this one at the dollar store and painted it)
  • Orange craft paint
  • Floral wire and/or Hot Glue
  • White Yarn
  • Blunt needle

Start by giving the wreath a quick blast with the spray paint. I didn’t want the wreath to be solid black, just darker. Another thing that can be done ahead of time is painting the letters (mine were all black and I painted the fronts orange). I also painted the spider, the one I found was black and brown, I covered the brown parts with orange paint. It took a few coats to get a bright color on the flocked spider material, it could even use a few more coats.  By this point I had only managed to paint one kitten tail orange.

Halloween Orange & Black Spider

After making double sure your wreath is dry make your spider web by weaving the white yarn through and across the wreath. Use your hot glue (assuming your dog didn’t chew up all your glue sticks) or floral wire attach the spider and the letters. The spider really is black in real life, but he keeps turning brown in pictures.

#Halloween #Spider Wreath


Kitten update: Our little twisted kitty had to have emergency surgery yesterday to correct a birth defect.  It was an unintended expense but I’m not very good at letting babies die if they can be helped. Kitten is currently on a wet food and milk only diet with 2x a day medication and baby-wipe baths. Good news is both vets think that the surgery to correct her inability to poop might help with the back leg issues.


  1. I love this! So smart to paint the spider!!
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  2. Cute wreath!

  3. This is so cute!! 🙂
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  4. That is super cute! I love it! Visiting from OBC 🙂
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  5. I love this! It is so cute how you created the web. I think this is an adorable and tasteful way to decorate for Halloween!
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  6. Very cute! Hope your kitten is doing better!

    • She is! We decided to name her Evita, out other cat is named Rita (we usually call her Beastie though… fits her personality more). She has learned how to climb onto the couch using only her front legs and gets around surprisingly well. She has even climbed into the dog crate to snuggle with him