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Woolly Bear Craft for PreK+

We’ve spent a lot of time outside this fall, and we’ve found dozens of woolly bears. They’ve been everywhere and Mary has done a good job moving them from the driveway into the flower bed.

preschool craft, fall craft, kids craft, woolly bear

Today Mary really wanted to go outside but it’s rainy, cold and we’re all fighting off colds so I had to say no. Since we were stuck inside I asked Mary if she wanted to do a fun woolly bear craft with me and she said yes.

I had a few ideas to make our very own woolly bear caterpillars so I asked Mary what she was in the mood for, yarn or paint? I really didn’t need to ask, the kid loves to paint!

I dug around in the craft room and found everything we needed to make an autumn woolly bear painting. It was too gross to dig around for  caterpillars so I found one on google to jog her memory. 

Woolly Bear Craft Supplies:

? Light colored card stock or heavy paper

? Pencil

? Paper plate

? Brown and black craft paint

? Two sponge dabbers (these are the same ones we used for the Spider Party Invites)

? Red, yellow & orange construction paper

? Safety scissors

? Glue or adhesive dots


1. Lightly draw a sausage shaped outline on the paper for your child, draw two lines to divide your sausage into thirds.

I tried to skip this but Mary was really confused, she’s only three and if your kids are older you might not need to do this.

2. Put a small blob of brown paint on one side of the plate and black on the other

preschool craft, fall craft, kids craft, woolly bear

3. Let the kids fill in the sections with the dabberspreschool craft, fall craft, kids craft, woolly bear

4. While the paint is drying it’s time to cut out leaves. Trace leaf shapes on the  construction paper and have the kids cut them out.

Mary is a really big fan of scissors now, I think this was her favorite part!

preschool craft, fall craft, kids craft, woolly bear

5. When the woolly bears are dry have the kids stick the leaves on with glue or adhesive dots

**Woolly bear caterpillars are harmless, they don’t bite, sting or have irritating hairs like some others. They are very easy to identify and make a great nature craft subject.

Look up dangerous caterpillars in your area and remind kids to look but not touch! There are some pretty nasty critters out there that look harmless.

Don’t forget to PIN this to your Fall or Craft Board! Check out my Crafting with Kids page for more ideas or start here:

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