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How the Grinch Stole Christmas Who Hash DIY Christmas Ornament

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a classic holiday favorite, we watch it at least a dozen times every December. Why not add some Dr. Seuss inspired ornaments to your tree with this easy DIY Who Hash Christmas Ornament?

standard sized tin can with black, red and white "Who Hash" label next to a wooden spool with matching label on a red, green and white paper with sparkly tinsel background with text over lay "How the Grinch Stole Christmas Who Hash Decorations"

This project couldn’t be easier, and if you’re really feeling the Christmas spirit you can grab a few cans from the pantry and make your very own life-sized Who Hash.

Dr. Seuss Who Hash Ornament Supplies

I picked up a package of wooden spools at the craft store for my ornaments. You’ll also need some silver paint to get that ‘tin-can’ look along with red paper and glue or tape.

supplies for a Dr Seuss inspired christmas ornaments including red and white galaxy glitter paint, silver paint, ribbon, mod podge, wooden spool and paper label

If you’re a glitter lover you can also fancy up the ornaments with a few layers of glitter paint. I like the Deco Art Galaxy glitters, they have a clear base with tons and tons of different-sized glitter pieces inside.

My ornaments (and the large can) utilize liberal amounts of High Gloss Mod Podge. I used it to put the labels together, add the ribbon, and glue the whole thing together in the end. I think it gives you the best results but by all means, use what you have on hand.

The final pieces to the puzzle are the Printable Who Hash Labels, a printer, white paper, and scissors. If you want to hang your ornaments you’ll also need some ribbon.

Get the Free Who Hash PDF Here

How to Make a Who Hash Ornament

paint the top and bottom sections of a wooden spool with metallic silver paint

For each ornament paint the top and bottom of the wooden spool with a coat or two of metallic silver paint. If you want to make it sparkle give it a few coats of silver glitter paint too. Set that aside to dry and get to work on the labels.

use mod podge to apply printed and cut out "who hash" label to red paper

Cut a piece of red paper to cover the center of the spool with a bit of overlap. The next step is to print out the labels and cut around the circles. Don’t worry about making them perfect, this is Dr. Seuss and wonky is the way to go!

Use a paintbrush to lay down a thin layer of Mod Podge, then the label, then another layer of Mod Podge to hold everything together. The Mod Podge will go from milky white to clear as it dries, it will also soak into the paper and make it a bit softer and easier to wrap around the spool.

painted spool with completed Who Hash label

While that is setting take a piece of ribbon and Mod Podge it over the top of the spool leaving a loop for hanging.

When the Mod Podge on the paper is clear but not hardened completely wrap the red paper around the spool and glue it shut. Again, if you’re feeling fancy add a few coats of red glitter paint.

Wait for the Mod Podge (and paint) to dry and hang your brand new DIY Who Hash Ornaments on the tree!

two DIY who hash spool ornaments one with glittery paint and one without

My kids loved the glittery version but I preferred the plain. I will admit that the extra glitter did look pretty nice with the twinkling Christmas lights on the tree!

Which do you prefer?

By the way, these ornaments are pretty heavy and wanted to slide off the real tree so I ended up using hooks to keep them on. I didn’t have that issue with the fake tree in my room because I could bend the branch tip up to hold the ornaments on.

Life-Sized Who Hash

If you’re in the market for some bigger fun head to the pantry and grab a can, any can. You’ll get bonus points if you have a can of corned beef hash or roast beef hash but it’s not essential.

standard sized tin can with black, red and white "Who Hash" label next to a wooden spool with matching label and green ribbon hanging loop on a red, green and white paper with sparkly tinsel background

Make the giant label the same way you make the tiny ones, with a few liberal coats of Mod Podge and then just taping the label at the back.

Alternative Options

The world is a crazy place right now and I totally get it if you can’t make it to the craft store. The good news is you can get creative and use whatever you have around the house.

A wooden dowel cut down to size would work or anything small and cylindrical, or even something square like a box of raisins.

I used Mod Podge (and by the way typing that word over and over does something strange to your brain!) but you can use tape, glue sticks, or even hot glue if you’re careful.

Dr. Seuss Inspired Who Hash Ornaments

With a little help from the free printable labels and some Mod Podge you can add some Grinch-inspired fun to your tree and home with this easy DIY Who Hash Christmas Ornament and it's life-sized counterpart!

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $0-5


  • Wooden Spool
  • Silver Paint
  • Red & White Card Stock
  • Ribbon
  • Mod Podge
  • Printable Who Hash Labels
  • Optional: Silver & Red Glitter Paint


  • Paint Brush
  • Printer
  • Scissors


  1. Paint top and bottom of spools with Silver paint
    Optional: add silver glitter paint over the silver paint
  2. Print Who Hash labels on white card stock and cut out
  3. Cut Red cardstock to cover the center of the spool
  4. Mod Podge the label to the center of the red paper
  5. Mod Podge the cut ends of a piece of ribbon on opposite sides of the spool, leaving a large loop for hanging
  6. Mod Podge the red paper around the spool sealing the ends with extra glue
    Optional: Add red glitter paint to the label


Cover the entire label paper with Mod Podge and let it sit until translucent but not hard, it will soften the paper and make it easier to wrap it around the spool

Don’t forget to Pin this to your Christmas Board!

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