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Primitive Autumn Birdcage Vignette

#Autumn Birdcage Vignette #DIY

  • A birdcage, I picked this one up on clearance this spring from Michael’s it opens from the top so it’s easy to fill
  • A pile of sphagnum moss ($ store)
  • 2 wooden bird cutouts, I picked up mine for less than $1 at Hobby Lobby
  • Black craft paint and brush
  • Wine corks
  • Small fake pumpkin
  • Exacto/sharp knife OR hot glue
  • 2 small bunches of fake berries (with the wreath picks at Hobby Lobby)
  • Wire cutters

This is basically just a pretty pile of stuff but since that would be a terrible blog post I’ll explain a little better.

Start by painting your little birdies black on both sides. Crows are really popular in country-primitive decorating and this is my little nod to that. My little birds have stumps on the bottom so after I painted them black I used an exacto knife to make a slash in the fake pumpkin near the stem and in the wine cork. The little birdies are just wedged in. If your birdies don’t have stumps you can use some hot glue to do the same thing.

#Fall Birdcage Vignette Close Up

Stuff the bottom of the bird cage with some moss. Start pulling apart the branches of fake berries, you might need wire cutters. I ended up with bunches of 3-4 stems. I curled them around a paint brush and them wove them through the bars at the bottom of the bird cage, right above the moss. Then I popped the pumpkin inside and closed it up.