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Easy DIY Yo-Yo Ornaments

Christmas ornaments on the cheap? Yes please! Even better when you can whip them up from scraps and keep the whole kit in a small bag.

Stitch up a few quick Yo-Yo Christmas Ornaments to coordinate with your holiday decorations

You can keep everything you need to make a yo-yo in a quart size ziplock bag. I know that because that’s how I made all of these! I precut small fabric circles and kept a pile of them along with a spool of thread, a needle, small snips and my yo-yo maker in the bag.

Whenever I was stuck in the car for more than 30 seconds I made a yo-yo. Soon I had a whole pile and it was easy enough to turn them into Christmas ornaments.

I love these little ornaments for a few reasons.

One, they are SUPER  quick to make, if you want to make things easy you just need a yo-yo maker (you can get them for cheap at Joann’s with a coupon with the quilting notions) but it’s possible to make them without one.

Two, they make use of little scraps, each yo-yo needs ~4 inch square of fabric (less for little yo-yos). You can make a whole set from a fat quarter and since you need so little you can make a big variety for a small amount of cash.

To make some of your own:

1. Make a regular yo-yo

2. Sew a loop of felt on the back for a hanger. Large loop if you plan to use it to hang the ornament or small loop if you’re going to use hooks.

3. Add a small square of felt and a button to the front to cover the gathered section

4. Repeat!

Fabric Christmas Ornaments

If you want to make a string of little yo-yo’s follow the same instructions with a mini-yo-yo and stitch three together.

Check out my Christmas page for more seasonal ideas and projects or start here:

Macramé wreath ornament made with twine, silver bell and and buffalo check ribbonTurn scraps into pretty fabric ornaments combining prairie points, yo-yos and fancy buttons



Tuesday 23rd of July 2013

Theses are so perfect to start making right now for Christmas. Thanks for sharing Alecia!

Rhondda Mol

Monday 22nd of July 2013

What fun! Those are fabulous :) I will have to check Michaels for a YoYo maker - living in Canada I don't have access to Joanns. Rhondda (visiting from CBC)


Monday 22nd of July 2013

I think I've seen them in Michael's, with the blank t-shirts and embelishments :-) My husband is the driver in our family so I like to cut a bunch of circles, throw them, the yoyo tool, a spool of thread, a needle and scissors in a bag and so them on road trips