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Floor Length Burlap Curtains for $7.50 a Panel

Burlap curtains might be all over the place, and maybe I’m late to the party but I’ve had these hanging in my living room for a few months and I’m finally getting around to posting a how-to! I’ve seen a lot of methods but nothing quite like mine.
DIY Burlap Curtains
It’s as basic as you can get, you only sew one seam for each panel. Of course this does leave you with 1 raw edge and 2 floor to ceiling selvedges. I love it, it’s not overly polished and it fits in a casual space. They let the light in while blocking the living room from the street. The ribbon along to top adds a subtle blush of color and some strength to the burlap where it’s clipped.
burlap curtain

If you haven’t been shopping for curtains in a while it’s worth noting you could feed a small country for the cost of 4 floor length panels. I bought my burlap at Joann’s with a coupon/sale combo and it ended up costing less than $30 for all the fabric. $30 vs $400? Sign me up!

I had intended for the burlap to pool at the bottom but with a dog, a cat and a bunny rabbit hell bent on throwing everything in his path (apparently it’s a rabbit thing) that wasn’t gonna happen. My curtains end more or less at the floor. I needed a little less than 2.75 yards for each panel so I bought 11 yards. Your fabric needs will depend on your window.

Here is the play by play: For each panel you need burlap, an iron, a length of ribbon and a means of sewing.

floor length burlap curtains

1. Cut the burlap to your desired length PLUS the width of your ribbon PLUS an inch or so. Confused? It’ll make sense in a minute.

2. Fold over the burlap, you want to cover the ribbon. Iron the edge of the burlap, try to keep the grain as straight as possible, the spaces between strings should be square not diamonds.

3. Tuck the ribbon inside, snug up against the seam you ironed

4. Fold the burlap over the ribbon and pin in place. Stitch a line through the ribbon.

burlap curtains farm decor

Use clips to attach each panel to your curtain rod, I used 5 per panel. I bought mine at Joann’s but these Classic Clip Rings in Brushed Sienna from Amazon are really similar. Wedge your patriotic cows above the window molding and add an old rusty horse shoe and some bird embroideries and you’re set.

If you try my tutorial I’d love to see your results! Find me on Facebook or send me an email!

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  1. I just saw your post in the Creative Bloggers Pinterest board! These are awesome – I made some recently but mine weren’t that easy 😉
    I’m hosting a linky party specifically for burlap creations that will close Tuesday night – I’d love for you to link up!
    Kirsten @One Tough Mother recently posted…Linky Party RemindersMy Profile

  2. Wow you curtains look great. I would never have known that you made them yourself. Great tutorial and step by step pictures. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    SuperMommy recently posted…Internet Safety Tips for Children – Keeping Your Family Safe with NortonMy Profile

  3. I love how simple they are! I’m looking for window dressing options for my craft room, so will have to keep these in mind! Hope you’re well (and staying warm!)
    ChiWei recently posted…End of Winter Double Strand Infinity CowlMy Profile

  4. These are so great! What a fantastic tutorial 🙂
    Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama recently posted…Pinteresting Features n’ Shtuff #65My Profile

  5. I love how this looks, we don’t have a rustic looks going in our decor but we use a lot of browns and I love the texture burlap adds. Super cute!!
    Adrianne at Happy Hour Projects recently posted…Free Download – Silhouette-Cut ValentinesMy Profile

  6. I Love Burlap! I am pinning this for later, although I have to admit…I hate sewing. But these look easy, great tutorial.
    Roxana recently posted…Make Perfect BaconMy Profile

    • It’s so simple! The only sewing you do is one straight line and it doesn’t even show up so unless you manage to light the curtains on fire while sewing you can’t mess up 🙂 be brave!
      Alecia @ Chicken Scratch NY recently posted…Barn Red Bookcase Makeover – DIY Chalk PaintMy Profile

      • Shannan Bunch says:

        Oh my gosh you are sooo fun & funny! Am gonna use a huge pile of burlap have had for absolute years; Making the burlap panels, as you’ve so generously stated, for my sheers-n-then some mix of assorteds like 2nd hand garb I shall TEAR into gnarly strips & great texturals in ALL off-white, ivory & MAYbe a blush of colour on the palest of hues, mostly tea♡stained look! It’ll be my Summer 2016 Nesting Project…Exciting! {I L♡VE Jo-Ann fabrics & crafts=been buying most of my PaperArtStudio supplies there for some time & giggled when ya mentioned their ‘coupons’ game!} L♡VE your curtains, doll! Nice work & thanks for sharing! ~Shannan

  7. So pretty, Alecia! They turned out great and burlap is so trendy right now.
    Carrie @ My Favorite Finds recently posted…Supporting Your FAVORITE Team through Fashion {Style Contributor}My Profile

  8. The burlap is smelly what did you do about that?

  9. These are really cute, I was just thinking about doing the same thing in my living room and you have given me some nice inspiration! Thank you!


  10. Great tutorial, super cute too 🙂
    Do you think one could use stitch witch instead of sewing the ribbon?

  11. I’ve been trying to decide what, if anything, I wanted covering my windows..we live in a rural area and I love the natural light that pours into the house! One word hit me last night–BURLAP!! Thanks soo much for this tutorial! I have it memorized, and armed with the Joann’s gift card from my sisters, I plan on trying these. Figuring out how to operate the iron should be the hardest part 😉

  12. One Question…what type of ribbon is used? looks to be about 2 – 3 inch wide grosgrain…is that right?

  13. Hi Alecia!
    Thanks so much for this tutorial. Where did you find the clips? Are they called something specific? Not exactly sure where to go shopping for those. Thanks again! Can’t wait to try this project!


  14. Stephanie O says:

    I love these, very cute.

  15. Hi.
    Would you happen to know what weight Burlap you used here?

  16. Where did you get those cute little clips? Also, what if you used heavier burlap?

    • The clips came from Joann’s, I bought them when I purchased the curtain rod. I don’t think heavier burlap would cause any problems as long as your curtain rod can hold the weight

  17. Did you wash the burlap first?

    • No, I take it outside and shake out as much dust as possible before cutting it up. I buy mine at Joann’s and haven’t noticed any terrible smells

  18. Glenys Wrampling says:

    I was very interested on this website but wanted to know if there are different names for Burlap as I haven’t heard of it here in Queensland Australia.
    Also is it possible to order it online and does it come in lighter shades.?
    Love the look but suppose I’ll have to investigate whether I can buy It here.

    • Burlap has been very popular for a few years here in the states and all the craft stores carry it. I wouldn’t even begin to know where you could but it but I do know that i’ve purchesed it in every color from white, red, green, brown, printed with spiders and natural. Good luck!

  19. This looks great- I am def going to make these! Thanks for posting- I really like the curtain rod you used- where would I find this? Thanks!!


    I just love this…I have fallen down a “Burlap Fever” rabbit hole! I was looking for somethng for my bedroom and for something to make short curtains for my little Shasta Camper and this would be PERFECT!!! Thanks so much for sharing.