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DIY Candles & Wax Melts

Making your own candles is a great way to fill your home with the scents you love! If fire isn’t your thing, why not try your hand at wax melts?

I’ve been making candles and wax melts for years and of all the hobbies I’ve tried its one that I keep coming back to.

There’s a mad scientist element to it that I really enjoy with the melting wax, measuring fragrances, and adding in drops of color to create something you’ll actually use.

As crafters, we’re often surrounded by projects that were fun to do but once they’re done we don’t know what to do with them. That’s part of why I’ve leaned into quilting and candlemaking so hard, I’m always up for a blanket and a well-scented candle-lit room.

lit 8oz jelly jar candle with dark orange wax

wooden bowl with bath salts, soap and a loofa with text overlay bath & body recipes