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Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween is both in the air and up in the air at this point. While we might not know what October is going to bring in terms of parties and trick or treating one sure fire way to enjoy the holiday is decorating your lawn and outdoor spaces.

variety of DIY outdoor Halloween decorations

For me Halloween starts on July 5th and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I even keep a few fake skeletons (and one real deer skull) in my flower beds all year long.

I usually start setting up the outdoor decorations in late September but this year I might be bumping things up. Why not? It’s fun, my kids love it and honestly I’m rarely sure what day it is anyway.

Every year I try to add another ‘big’ DIY to the outdoors and after 10 years of living here I have quite a bit to chose from. It’s nice to change it up and go overboard when I have to time or reel it in and keep it simple when things are busy.

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Take your Halloween Spirit outside with any and all of these DIY Outdoor Halloween Decoration tutorials

I hope I’ve given you a few new ideas to get your yard into shape for Halloween. Do you decorate outside or do you prefer to keep your Halloween decorations inside?

Check out my Halloween Page for more spooky fun or start here:

small square spiderweb mini quilt with hand embroidery on galaxy print fabric with a crystal button spider