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Giant Clothesline Spider Webs

It is even Halloween if you don’t fill your yard with giant spiders? Certainly not at my house. The Giant Clothesline Spiderwebs are one of the big projects I look forward to every year.

spider web made from clothesline with two large spiders in a late summer garden in front of a blue house

After 7 years of spiderweb making I’ve got this down to a science and this web took a grand total of 15 minutes, most of that unraveling the clothesline. I bought 50 ft sections of clothesline, for this small web I used two.

I used to put the spider webs on the lawn secured to the trees but that made mowing a mess. I’ve had them in the garden for the last few years and it works out well with all the other spooky stuff I put out here like my pumpkin goblins.

How to Make Giant Lawn Spiderwebs


The last thing you’ll need is something to hold the web up. In the past I’ve used the trees on the front lawn but this year I used a metal plant hanger garden thing.

These pictures are from a year when I used the trees on the front lawn.

clothesline tied to a tree to start a spider web halloween decoration

1. Find the top center of the web, this will be the tree branch or garden stake. You might need to tie a loop of rope to act like the center point for your web like I did here. When I use the plant stand I just run the rope right over it.

2. Tie the end of the clothesline to a landscape pin, walk to the end of the web and stick it in the ground.

Run the clothesline over the branch or though the loop and walk out to the other end of the web. Cut the clothesline, tie it to another landscape spike and stick that in the ground.

If you have trouble with the pins pulling out put them in so the top is angled away from the web. I usually to the outer most line first then work my way in.

3. Repeat 2 more times so you have 4-6 vertical lines depending on the web size

diy halloween spider web decoration

4. Starting at the top tie the end of a new piece of clothesline to one of the outer web lines. Move across the web wrapping the clothesline around her vertical line as you go.

You can tie them if you want but it makes clean up harder.

I used to cut each horizontal line separately but I got lazy and don’t do that anymore. I also it makes it easier to reuse the clothesline for a few years.

5. When you get to the end of a row wrap it several times and then move back across. Repeat until you run out of clothesline or are happy with the web.

Your web will probably going to look really loose in places but that’s ok.

close up of halloween diy spider web decoration with large brown spider and barbie tied up with white fabric

6. Add any spiders you have. I like to wrap the rope around the legs, it holds the spiders in place and tightens up the web. Add a barbie or two for an extra creepy touch.

7. Go back through the web and slide the horizontal rope pieces around until things look tighter.

Let’s do a little walk down memory lane shall we? Here are some spider webs from the past:

Create your own Giant Clothesline Spiderwebs in an afternoon for less than $10

The giant spider would be 8 ft wide if he was completely stretched out, he’s probably about 6.5 ft wide here, the yard stake is a little over 3 ft tall.

The good news is I only got stuck in it once that year but I made it out alive.

Giant Lawn Spider Webs

This was the year I put it on the tree near the wood lot and added little mummies:

Halloween Lawn Decorations -Clothesline Spiderwebs

And my original clothesline spiderweb:

halloween diy spider webs decoration with large brown spider and smaller spiders made from cheap clothesline

It’s funny how much the landscaping in the background has changed over the years! When I moved in it was 5 dead mums and a few trees, now it’s a chaotic mess of flowers.

Check out my Halloween Page for more outdoor decoration ideas or start here:

halloween skeleton display with life sized skeltion standing with shovel and crow, small skeleton sitting with lantern and skeleton hand sticking our of leaf pile by yellow mum
garden stake turned onto a Halloween garden sculpture with a small fake pumpkin, trash bag and zip ties standing in a late summer garden

bill marvin

Monday 26th of October 2015

one thing learned quickly is after you have your vertical lines start at the top and work down not vice versa. I even put a few stretchy spider webs on it to make it show up better. Probably will put string of white lights on some of the webbing and purple lights on the large spider. Great idea and easy to do.


Monday 14th of October 2013

This feeds my phobia... I'm sure I'll have night mares telling everyone about your creations!


Monday 14th of October 2013

Halloween is by far one of my fav holidays to decorate for and this is amazing! What a great inexpensive solution that will look even creepier in the dark on Halloween night.


Tuesday 22nd of October 2013

Last year we had a light set up on it, unfortunately it shined right into the living room and my dog constantly though someone was in our drive way. Next year we'll probably try it again though

Jessica Beal Harlow

Sunday 13th of October 2013

That looks so great on your lawn! You have the perfect tree for something like this! My kiddos would love it!


Tuesday 22nd of October 2013

The tree needs to earn its keep! I'm mildly allergic to it's pollen and it leaves tiny little leaflets all over my car. This is how it makes up for it!

Elizabeth Towns

Sunday 13th of October 2013

You rock. I want to say that is all, but this is really amazing. I can’t make anything without step by step instructions, and you mean to tell me you improve on this every year? I have to show my kids - and I wish I lived near you so we could come over. How many kids get stuck in it? lol


Sunday 13th of October 2013

We are pretty off the beaten path so as far as I know I'm the only one who really gets stuck in it. My 2 year old nephew was over 'helping' and almost face planted in the web a few times but we all made it out ok!