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Best of the Best from 2013

First of all the best DIY project of my life was completed on November 27th, 2013 when I had my little girl, Mary.


Since I was mostly absent this year (you can thank the little girl above for that) I’ll only be sharing the top 5 posts from the year:

Chicken Wire Gallery Frames

5. DIY Chicken Wire Frame

I finally added a set of 4 photo legdes to the wall in the loving room, the first (and only) project I finished was a set of 3 chicken wire gallery frames

#Silhouette #Pumpkin Banner + Tips

4. Paper Pumpkin Banner

This was the first project I ever did for the Silhouette Challenge and I still love it, it was also my first layered paper project

Maple Sage Sweet Potatoes

3. Maple Sage Sweet Potatoes

I rarely post food but it seems to have gone over well! I was happily surprised to see this delightful dish in the top 5 for the year

DIY Game Tutorial

2. Garden Tic-Tac-Toe

Even though this is hands down the most popular and well-known post of mine (thanks social media!) it was #2 in terms of page views for the year.  It has been pinned over 143 thousand times so far and continues to be pretty popular, it was even featured in a dutch magazine!

DIY Burlap Curtains

1. DIY Burlap Curtain Tutorial

This was the most viewed post of 2013 AND the most viewed post on my blog overall. It was also the first post of mine to get really popular on Pinterest, it currently has over 33.3k pins! Another fun fact, this post has almost 2x as many views as the post in #2.

It was a big year for me in the social media realm as well, I went from a few hundred followers on Pinterest to almost 2 thousand (I pin a whole bunch of awesome things so if you don’t follow me there you should totally do that ASAP!). I also joined Hometalk and Google+, which I largely ignored but that’s why we have 2014 right?  You can also find me on Facebook, where I post random tidbits and photos, and share things from other sites.

Hope you enjoy the rest of 2013 and best wishes in 2014!

Cinnamon Applesauce Monogram Tags

I think everyone and their great aunt Sally has made cinnamon apple sauce ornaments, and why not? They are easy, they smell amazing (I scatter them in the tubs when I pack Christmas stuff away so the next year everything smells like the holidays) and they last forever.

Cinnamon Apple Sauce #Monogram Gift Tags

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Faux Poinsettia Candle Wreath

Poinsettias just scream Christmas to me (it’s a nice scream, very Christmas carol-y) but our cat Rita eats houseplants so I don’t dare bring real ones into my house. Instead I buy lots and lots of fake ones. I use them to decorate the tree and last year I used them to make a candle wreath.

Poinsettia #Centerpiece - #DIY tutorial for a #Holiday Tablescape

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Folding Nativity Backdrop – December Silhouette Challenge

One of my favorite Christmas family traditions is setting up the Nativity scene. My grandma bought my sister and I our own sets and added lots of characters over the years (what, your nativity set doesn’t have a flock of sheep and a man playing bagpipes?).

Silent Night Nativity Backdrop

This year I decided to set it up on the top shelf of the hutch, one of the few places the cat doesn’t go. Unfortunately it was disappearing into the background, ever since I added the book pages it takes a lot to stand out.  [Read more...]

Christmas Gift Tag Link Party

Welcome to December! Do you have all your gifts wrapped? If you’re like me, you still have a few left to buy. As part of the Silhouette Challenge group on Facebook (info for joining can be found here) I was able to participate in a gift tag swap. There is a lot of talent in that group and I wanted to put together a post with all of the gift tag posts in one place. 


I decided to leave the link-up open to all my other blog friends who have DIY gift tags to share! If you add your link please make sure you are linking to the specific post, visit and comment on a few others and only link up Gift Tag Tutorials!