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The Wicked Witch’s DIY Poison Apple

When I was little we used to watch the 13 days of Halloween on the Disney channel. Back when it was all creepy old cartoons and not happy family made-for-TV movies.

Turn a dollar store apple into a tempting poisoned apple perfect for a #Halloween witch

I loved the evil witch with the poison apples so this year I decided to make a DIY poison apple of my very own. They aren’t actually poison (or even apples) so they are much safer to keep around.

I found my apple at the Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, a dollar. But I’ve seen them at Michael’s with the fake flowers too.

Poison Apple Supplies:


Turn a dollar store apple into a tempting poisoned apple perfect for a #Halloween witch

1. Spray paint apple with high gloss red, I used paint I had left over from my Ladybug Bowling Ball. Let the paint dry completely. For the best result stick a wooden skewer in the bottom and spray paint it that way.

2. Pour the black paint, straight from the bottle, over the apple, aim for the stem and let it run down the sides in a few places. When the paint stops oozing immediately sprinkle with the black glitter.

If possible hand your apple by the stem to dry or you’ll get the pooling at the bottom that you can see on the picture below.

3. Let the apple sit undisturbed over night or until the paint is completely dry. It took over 24 hours for the paint to dry in the center by the stem where it gets really thick.

4. Paint the stem brown, unless it survived the spray painting unscathed.

Turn a dollar store apple into a tempting DIY poison apple perfect for a #Halloween witch

If you want it shinier you can top with a high gloss top coat.

Place your poison apples on a decorative stand or use them along a Halloween banquet table as place cards by  adding a tag tied to the stem with ribbon or twine. Despite their humble beginnings I think they look quite classy.

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Cher @ Designs by Studio C

Wednesday 15th of October 2014

OMG!! That is the greatest idea EVER! I'm sure my daughter will want one for her room *just because*!