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Hand Painted Holiday Magnets

Even though I smother my living and dining rooms with Christmas decorations I’ve never put much effort into the kitchen. I’m still not putting a bow on my coffee maker (even though that poor thing deserves a diamond ring and  a new car) I thought I’d throw some holiday cheer into the kitchen with a set of Hand Painted Holiday Magnets.

Jazz up your fridge with hand painted Holiday Magnets made from wooden craft store ornaments
I spend more time than I should in the fridge and I collect magnets from all the places we visit, mostly zoos and aquariums, so that seemed like a good place to start adding holiday cheer to the kitchen.

Besides it was time to clear out the clutter of expired coupons and calendar magnets from 3 years ago anyway. It’s probably safe to toss the preschool Halloween parade info from 2017 now right?

On my craft store travels I picked up three three packs of wooden ornaments from Michael’s to make these holiday magnets. My favorite is the little reindeer with his gold antlers.

I wad a member of the Glue Dots® Design team. I received free product from the company in exchange for working with them. All opinions and ideas are my own.

Holiday Magnet Supplies:

Advanced Strength Glue Dots®

?  Flat Wooden Ornaments

Craft Paint in red, green, white, brown, black, pink, metallic gold and silver glitter

Strong Round Magnets

Paint brushes

Jazz up your fridge with hand painted Holiday Magnets made from wooden craft store ornaments


1. Remove the hanging loops from the ornaments, set aside the decorations and markers that came with the ornaments if you want to use them for another project or toss them

2. Paint the ornaments. I tried to do all of one color before moving on to the next to give the paint time to try and to cut down on brush washing.

I kept the color scheme minimal, I only used one red, one green ect. Add silver glitter over white on the elf, penguin, owl and snowman and red glitter over the red suits on the two Santas. Add a touch of metallic gold paint on the reindeer antlers, elf hair and belt and the Santa Monkeys belt buckle.

Jazz up your fridge with hand painted Holiday Magnets made from wooden craft store ornaments

3. Apply an advanced strength glue dot to a magnet, firmly press it to the back of the ornament & stick to the fridge!

They are decorations and aren’t meant to be toys but that didn’t stop my nephew from playing around with them.

I tried pretty hard to get the magnet off and they seem to be in for the long haul but I would watch them around little ones who insist on putting everything from pine needle to dog food in their mouths.

Check out my Christmas Page for more ideas or start here:

clear ornament filled with fake snow with red vinyl lettering for a childs name, birth date, birth weight, birth time and birth length

Get the kids involved with the decorating this holiday season with simple contact paper ornaments (no glue or glitter required!)


Sunday 27th of January 2019

wow, those are really awesome customized magnets. The cute designs and simple looks are awesome. Really loved them. Thank you for sharing this idea!