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Archives for June 2012

Free Address Labels in Books

When you have a lot of these:

It can be hard to keep track of them (the books, not the shelves). My Aunt has a great solution.

You know those address labels you often receive as a “free gift”?
I just got a new sheet from Better Homes and Gardens to entice me to renew my subscription for the low price of way too much (Amazon regularly offers 1 year subscriptions for $5).

I got rid of the offer but kept the stickers.

Put one address sticker in each book. I usually put them on the inside cover even though some have a line to write your name in. It’s easier to find and looks neater than scribbling with a pen

This is really helpful if you loan your books to others (or if you borrow books from friends and don’t remember if the book is yours or someone elses!). It’s also handy if you leave the book somewhere like at work.
Yesterday’s SBC was to post a tutorial. Puppy madness ensued and I didn’t get to take pictures until this morning. 
The boys are settling into a pattern so it’s getting easier.
The biggest problem is Alfie gets too rough and Bandit can’t play like that. 
We’ve finally got him back to walking on all 4 legs though, so that’s something!

What’s Cluckin’ 10

My Aunt made it though surgery ok, she’ll probably be in the hospital until Monday and we’ll probably have Bandit for atleast 2 weeks. He’s a bit of a handful. His ‘house manners’ are pretty much non-existent but he’s settling in nicely. Alfie is really happy to have another dog in the house but Rita is not amused. 
In case you missed it I shared some tips on keeping raspberry bushes under control for easy picking
The top-viewed link last week was from Veronica!

She shared a recipe for Sparkling Summer Punch. Can’t wait to try it!

I’ve also decided to feature the LAST link up from each party!

This weeks last link up was from Rita May:

She shared her Giant Rooster. Is it any surprise I love this guy?

Congrats! You are are top of the pecking order (trust me, it’s the best place to be!)

Chicken Scratch NY

On to the party, here are the rules:

Link up any thing crafty, food, garden or photo related.
Please no giveaways or shops

Link up to a single post, not your blog

Pretty please link back with a text link or button!
It doesn’t have to be on the post, just have it somewhere on your blog

Check out at least 2 other entries for everything you enter.
It’s all about the love!

You don’t have to be a follower but I’d love it!

Link up as much as you want

By linking up here you give me permission to use your photos if you’re featured on my blog and to have your post added to my feature pin board. Maybe even on my new facebook page and twitter!

Chicken Scratch NY\uck/

Summer Blog Challenge:

Day 27: Best Gift:
The Alpacas! I won them in an auction and then Mike’s mom paid for them for our house warming gift (I was going to pay but she wouldn’t let me!)
Day 28: Laundry tip:
Find a boyfriend/fiance/husband who likes to do it!

Keep Your Raspberries Under Control


Technically this isn’t the time for pruning raspberries (major pruning is best done late winter/early spring).
But if you find your self in an over grown patch of berries I’d like to give you some tips.

[Read more…]

Dealing with Heat Stroke in Chickens

Time for a Public Service Announcement for my fellow chicken owners. We’ve been having a heat wave here in New York. Three days (so far) over 90 degrees with no rain. These are perfect conditions for chickens to get heat stroke. The best course of action is, of course, prevention.


Fourth of July Faux Mantle

Are you sick of my rustic, country chic Americana yet? No?

Awesome! Cause I’ve got another round for you!

I re-fanicificated the newly painted bookshelf for the upcoming holiday. You might recognize the Firecrackers and the 1776 embroidery from earlier in the week.
The newest projects are the woven burlap runner and the picture frame twine star. 
For the runner:
A piece of burlap for the base, a scrap of woven fabric, a safety pin and scissors.
Rip the fabric into strips. I used 3 strips about 3/4 in wide. 
Decide where you want the strips and pull out the burlap threads. Using the safety pin weave the strips through the burlap. I went over 10 and under 5 for the middle round and eyeballed similar spacing for the outside strips
Come back Sunday for a tutorial on the picture frame star!

Summer Blog Challenge:

Day 20:
Day 21: Recent words of wisdom: “Even if it breaks your heart” 
It’s my new motto. Kinda like Nike, Just Go For It
Day 22: When I was a kid I wanted to be a vet. Or a fashion designer. Or an artist. Or an equine massage therapist. 
I wanted to be a lot but there was always a theme of creativity and love of animals. 
I guess not much has changed 🙂