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Archives for November 2011

Sneak Peak

Being my last post in November I meant to really go out big. 
Then I spent an hour chasing Sophia through knee high should-be-a-hay-field-but-is-now-a-swamp muddy grass. And freezing. AND I lost a shoe half way through so I had to walk through really really really cold mud with only one shoe on. That basically sapped all my creative will. On a side note, is it still veal if it’s over a year old? Just kidding, maybe.
So instead of a stellar Gift Wrapping Tutorial you just get some teaser picks of the soon-to-be-wrapped gifts
What are they? Only the cutest fleece blankets ever! 
Check back tomorrow for the wrapping tutorial!

Minimalist Christmas Tree Stocking Holders

Sometimes you feel like a nut, some times you don’t. And sometimes you feel like crazy, glittery, shiny over the top festive and sometimes you don’t. These are perfect for those times when you don’t want your house to look like it was taken over by glitter happy elves.
Minimalist Christmas Tree Stocking Holders - An easy #DIY woodworking project for simplified #Christmas #Stockings
These stocking holders require a tiny bit of drilling but other than that they basically put themselves together. You can find all of the wood and hardware you need for these at Lowes.

Personalized Cookie Plates

When I was little my sister and I always used the same plates for Santa. Well, her plate was for Santa, mine was usually filled with apples for the reindeer. Best Christmas Memory: Waking up and seeing the tags for the reindeer apples outside my bedroom window on the roof. Parents take note!
I don’t have kids, but I do have cousins. They have the type of first names you won’t find on a coffee cup. I know the pain. So I got creative:

$ Store Plates
Follow the instructions on the pens. Write/draw what ever you want. If you mess up you can rub off the offending marks with a slightly damp washcloth. Let it dry a bit first so it doesn’t smear all over the plate. 

Let the plates sit until dry. Then bake at 300 degrees for 30 minutes. The web site says to put the plates in the oven as it warms up so they don’t break with the sudden temperature change.
Add a signature to the back before baking for an extra special touch!
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Simple Christmas Gifts: Scarves

I’m getting into Christmas gift mode. I feel like I’ve been crocheting constantly for the last week or so. Most of the ladies on my list will be getting handmade simple scarves. Don’t tell on me but I’m pretty lazy about the whole thing. I thought I’d share my old stand-by plan for super easy scarves.
It all started two years ago. I made the Super Fluffy Scarf of Awesomeness. I got lots of compliments and people asking me to please make them one. Now that give-people-stuff time had arrived the decision has been made. Scarves for all!

Simple Scarves - Easy #Crochet Gifts

Livingroom Nativity

Finally got started putting up the Christmas decorations, Mike told me I wasn’t allowed to do anything until after Thanksgiving. The first step was putting away all the fall stuff. That was actually pretty sad for me. Autumn is my favorite season and it was the first decorations I put up in the new house. Now we’re moving on to the next season and it’s really sinking in that We. Own. The. House. 
The manger is from Fontanini. My grandmother bought my sister and I the main sets for Christmas one year and added on pieces over the years. I have about 31 pieces depending on how many sheep my cat has smacked off the table.

The pieces are some type of plastic, which is awesome because they are cat-proof. All the pieces are really detailed. My set is the 3.5″ scale. The only thing I wish I had was some chickens, sadly they aren’t available in this scale.
I usually just slap it on the table and pick up the pieces as Rita-zilla knocks them down. But I decided to step it up a bit this year. The whole thing is on my knotted table runner based on the one from Living with Lindsey. I made mine from a remnant and it only has 3 knots. 
I also added the “Believe” sign and a fake book. With so many characters it’s nice to put some on a different level. Mike put the angels on top and I really like how they look down on the whole scene. 
I cut the lettering from dark brown vinyl (from Pick Your Plum) with my Slice at 3 inches off the Noel card. The stars are from the Fa La La card, cut from metalic gold vinyl (also PYP) at 1.5″ to 3.5″ It was the first time I put vinyl on the wall and Mike got pretty nervous, he thought it was permanent. I really like how it pulls it together.