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Spider Web Victims

Have you set up your giant lawn spiderweb?

Add some spider snacks to your spooky Halloween decorations with this easy DIY project perfect for jigsaw beginners
If not there is still time, we just put ours up last night. This year I moved the web to a tree on the side of the house closer to the wooded area. I leave for work at 6 am and I was constantly giving myself panic attacks seeing the spider web. I’ve also decided to go in a different direction with the entry way this year but that’s for another day. *This post contains affiliate linksHalloween Spider Webs with Dangling Mummified Spider Snacks and Warning Signs

I decided that our poor spiders looked hungry and needed a few ‘snacks’ on their web to hold them over until the trick-or-treaters arrive.


  • 1*3 wood scrap
  • 2 inch wide white width-of-fabric strips (figure 3 per body)
  • Sharpie
  • Jigsaw – I can’t find the exact one I have on Amazon but this is similar:  SKIL Jig Saw
  • Sand paper

Halloween Lawn Decorations -Clothesline Spiderwebs


  1. Draw the outline of your victim on the wood, sort of a V-shaped bottom, a rounded head and shoulders
    Use a jigsaw to cut out the body of your spider web victim
  2. Cut it out with the jigsaw. Protect your eyes, don’t cut your fingers off, you know the drill. This is a great project if your jigsaw skills aren’t that great, you could even get away with just cutting 2 v notches for the neck.
  3. Sand down any rough edges
  4. Tie on end of fabric around the neck and wrap it around the wood form
  5. Combine fabric strips by cutting a small slit in each near the edge of the fabric, pull one piece of fabric through the other and then pull the tail though the slit in the same piece of fabric like in this video. Or just knot them together
  6. Tie the strips off around the neck when you’re done. Had I been able to find my stapler I would have used that to secure the fabric in a few places
    DIY Spider Web Victims
  7. Take another strip of fabric and tie it around the neck of the mummy towards on end, tie the other end to the web so the body swings in the breeze.

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