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Speed up your Transplanting!

This weekend marks the real start of garden season here in Central New York. I’ve had tomatoes out on the deck for almost a month (where I could bring them into the house when the temperature tanked) but now it’s finally time to tuck those babies into beds.

Despite my best intentions I ended up with 14 pepper plants and six basil seedlings (beds space isn’t ready for the tomatoes yet, lets not count those!) that needed to get planted. While I was rummaging around the garage for a trowel I found my bulb planted.

It worked so well I had to share!

Plants from those ubiquitous six-packs fit perfectly in the holes left by the bulb planter. If your plants are a bit root-bound be sure to loosen up the roots.

I found that the 2 inch line worked best for these plants

Didn’t get a chance to pre-plant your tomatoes?
Go as deep as you can! Just make sure the leaves are above the soil surface and your tomatoes will bounce right back.

I hope this tip helps you get your planting done (more time for weeding!)

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