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Aroma Beads Scent Jars

Instead of an over priced candle why not make your own home scenting gift this year? Aroma beads are small plastic balls that absorb and disperse fragrance.

Whip up a set of Aroma Beads Scent Jars in seasonal fragrances perfect for holiday gift giving
They’re fool proof and easy to make. You can display them in small organza bags or in these pretty mason jars with decorative lids.

Your fragrance choices are almost infinite. A few of my favorites for the holiday season are peppermint, sugar cookie, gingerbread and evergreen.

The work here is pretty quick but it does take awhile for the beads to absorb the oil so you’ll need to start this one at least a week before Christmas if you plan to give them as gifts. I like to keep a jar in the bathroom where the kids can’t get to it, though that’s getting harder now that they’re both American Ninja Warriors

Aroma Bead Jar Supplies:

4 oz. Mason Jar with 2 piece lid

Decorative Mason Jar Lid Inserts

?  Organza fabric

Hot Glue Gun

Aroma Beads

Fragrance Oil or Essential Oils

?  Wax Dye

?  Glass jar with tight lid (from the recycle bin)

* I buy fragrances, dye and aroma beads from Natures Garden Candles and Candle Science. You can find some stuff in craft stores but it’s usually low quality and very expensive. My absolute favorite scent from Natre’s Garden is Napa Valley Harvest and I love Pumpkin Souffle from Candle Science.

Safety Warning: Fragrance oils are very strong and can be irritation. Wear gloves when handling them and be very  careful to clean up spills immediately. Fragrance oil will damage wood, some plastics and some fabrics so be careful where you set the beads (they are fine in glass)

If you avoid artificial fragrance you can make jars with essential oils but it will be much more expensive. I would recommend starting with a smaller amount before committing to a huge batch.

Whip up a set of Aroma Beads Scent Jars in seasonal fragrances perfect for holiday gift giving

Instructions (amounts are per 4 oz. jar):

1. Measure 1/2 cup of aroma beads into your pickle jar

2. Pour in 2 tablespoons of fragrance oil and a few drops of wax dye (food coloring will not work)

Put the lid on  tightly and shake to distribute the oil and dye

Let the beads sit for 1-3 days, shaking  twice a day until the oil is all absorbed. Different fragrances will absorb differently so you might need more beads if they don’t suck it up completely

Apply hot glue to the fancy mason jar lid, avoid the lip where the lid will sit on the jar. I just did five little dots, you just want the fabric to keep the beads from escaping the holes in the lid

Press the hot glued lid onto a piece of organza fabric

After the glue hardens clip off the excess fabric

Transfer the aroma beads to the mason jar and add the decorative lid and the metal screw band

These little jars are surprisingly powerful, I keep one in our laundry room and it scents that room and the bathroom behind it. The scent will carry better in warm rooms but it won’t ever be as strong as a burning candle.

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Marlena Fisk

Tuesday 16th of July 2019

I made some of these jars for a event that i did this past weekend. I made them on the spot for people. My jars are a little bigger than what you have in the picture and insturction.


Thursday 18th of December 2014

Where can I find aroma beads?


Thursday 18th of December 2014

I buy mine from Natures Garden:


Tuesday 25th of November 2014

This is cool and a great gift idea as well. Thanks for sharing