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15 Upcycled Garden Projects

15 Upcycled Garden Projects - with Links

I love gardens; flowers or vegetables, cottage-style or formal, you name it. My personal favorites are filled with wild and chaotic masses of flowers, happy buzzing bees, hidden suprises and creative focal points. One day my home will be surrounded by gardens and will look like something out of a fairy tale (or magazine). I’m not quite there yet  but I have gotten a start on adding some pretty objects to the various half-planted garden beds. I like to ‘upcycle’ things, it’s cheap and it keeps things out of landfills. I recently added my Bowling Ball Lady Bug to the front perennial bed:

DIY Garden Ornament

and earlier this summer I turned an old (gross) chair into a Flower Pot Chair to hold a pot of sunny annuals:

Flower Pot Chair Upcyle

Last year I turned a pair of boots (that made me get a tetanus shot) into a set of rainboot planters:

Rubber Boot Planter

I’ve also got dozens of project swirling around my mind. Here are a few upcycling ideas from around the blogosphere that I’m in love with :

[PLEASE Pin from the Original Source!]

DIY Tea Pot Bird Feeder

Tea Pot Bird Bath from Morena’s Corner

Wooden Fence Project

A Fence Beautification from Kathe With An E

DIY Galvanized Pedestal Fountain

DIY Galvanized Pedestal Fountain from Farmhouse 38

Gutter Strawberries

Gutter Strawberries from Day 2 Day Supermom


DIY Water Fountain from That’s What Che Said

Seed Gift Tags

Junkmail Seed Paper from Happy Hour Projects


Solar Garden Lights from Kathe with an E


Pallet Gardening Table from SAS Interiors

vertical garden filled in

Vertical Succulent Garden from Second Chance to Dream


Strawberry Pallet Planter from Lovely Greens


Terra Cotta Pot Markers from Hardly Housewives


Mushrooms Cast from Old Junk from Absolute Bodo


Ladybug Bowling Ball - Garden Ornament
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