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Archives for June 2013

5 Tips for Font Selection


Whether you are a budding typography nerd, a subway art fanatic or just a regular ol’ crafter it is likely that you have been introduced to the wonderful world of fonts.  In my ‘real world’ job I work with a lot of fonts, I’m a design assistant in an art studio. My favorite part of the job is getting a few general guidelines and being able to ‘do my thing’ and create. Fonts are more than just the words typed in them. I’ve never taken a single design class but I’ve learned a lot over the last few years and I’m going to share some tips with you:

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Patriotic Burlap Pinwheel Wreath


It’s time to dress up your front door just in time for Flag Day! It takes almost no time to cover the wreath form and add a few decorations for a festive burlap pinwheel wreath.

4th of July Wreath #Burlap #DIY

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Long Time Gone


It’s been awhile! I hope you’ll forgive me but I have a pretty good excuse!


That’s right! We are expecting our first baby this November. I’m finally into the second trimester and at 15.5 weeks I’ve stopped sleeping 15 hours a day. We’re working hard to stuff done around the house and on the farm.

I’m slowly getting back into my crafting but mostly just getting my house put back together after almost 3 months of nonstop sleep and nausea. I’ve got some guest posts lined up and I’ll have a few sponsored posts that I committed to a while back but hopefully it’ll all be back to normal for a while.