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Free Halloween Word Searches – Easy and Hard


New for 2016: Printable Halloween Crossword Puzzle

Here on the east coast Halloween activities may require scuba gear. So I thought I’d whip up a few more word searches for everyone!

The last Halloween Word Search I made was pretty tough (it took me forever to find the word Werewolf!) so I made an easier one:

Free Halloween Word Find

And another hard one:

Free Halloween Word find

Feel free to download the Easy Halloween Wordfind and the Halloween Costume Wordfind from Google docs and print as many copies as you like.

The PDFs do not have watermarks and are set to print on regular printer paper.

Please DO NOT sell this file, I make them available for free so everyone can enjoy them!

I’d love some feedback on the word searches! Do you love them? Hate them? Would you like them easier/harder? Would you like a key with all the answers? Any ideas for new ones?


  1. Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for making these great word searches. I’m an ESL teacher in South Korea and they have been so helpful! Have a great day!