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Summer Sun Hat Wreath

I try to keep a wreath on my front door all year round. Occasionally I lose track of time and end up with a Christmas wreath up until… Halloween but that doesn’t happen all the time. This cheerful Summer Wreath came together in minutes. It’s easy to change up the colors to suit your tastes.

Summer Hat "Wreath" - Brighten up your porch with big bows and big flowers

This years front door wreath started with a hat from the Dollar Tree. This was going to be a step-by-step tutorial but Mary decided that wasn’t in the cards. I used a spool of bright blue burlap ribbon, yellow & white striped grosgrain for the bow and yellow  grosgrain ribbon with white stitching on around the top of the hat.

Also on deck we had a needle and thread, scissors and a GIANT purple flower. The ribbons and flower are all from Michael’s. I couldn’t find my hot glue gun so the whole thing was put together via needle and thread.

Summer Hat Wreath Alternative - Brighten up your porch with big bows and big flowers

The burlap ribbon was wider than the crown of the hat so it ended up ruched (or bunched) in 4 spaces and I covered those spots with the narrower yellow ribbon. I added the covers after but it would be much easier to make ribbon rings and loop the  burlap ribbon through them. As always, learn from my mistake.

The bow deceptively looks like one skillfully tied piece BUT! It’s actually 4 separate pieces. The hat band is one piece, the bow is one piece and the hanging streamers are 2 pieces. It’s so much easier to manipulate than one giant piece. Start by adding the hat band, then the streamers, both the burlap and the striped ribbon.

Then make the bow. Make a complete circle by overlapping the ends, then flatten it and tie a string around the center (don’t really flatten the ends, especially if they have wire in them), run the striped ribbon around it and tie in the center again so you have a 2-layered bow. It will looks pretty messy at this point but it’s all good. Add your flower, this is the part where a hot glue gun would have been really helpful, that sucker is heavy!

Summer Hat "Wreath" - Brighten up your porch with big bows and big flowers

Side note: You could totally wear this hat, but apparently my head is huge and it doesn’t fit. I found over the season the weight of the flower made my summer hat wreath a little droopy. I might remake this for 2018, it’s so cheerful and a little bit unique.

If I do I’ll find my hot glue gun and glue either wire or some stiff felt to the back to help it keep it’s shape. If you saw my Gold Coin St. Patrick’s Day Wreath Tutorial you might have noticed sagging wreaths are a problem of mine…

Don’t forget to PIN this to your Wreath or Craft Board! It will come in handy when you decide to make a summer wreath of your own.

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Jen V

Wednesday 4th of June 2014

I love this idea! I am going to have to search around the house and see if I have an old sunhat so I can make one of these for the front door.


Monday 26th of May 2014

What a great idea! I like that it's not your ordinary wreath. Thanks for sharing ~ Terrie