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Sinister Serpent Wine Bottles – Halloween Quick Craft

I’ve got another creepy Halloween project, depending on your particular definition of spooky it may be more or less creepy than the Bleeding Blossoms I shared last year. It’s a great last minute thing if you’re in a crunch. My local Dollar Tree has these snakes all year round too, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding them in the regular toy aisle (most of the Halloween stuff in my area is gone).

Sinister Serpent Last Minute Halloween Wine Bottle Decoration

All you need is a bottle of wine (wine optional if it’s just for decoration) and a dollar store plastic snake (make sure it curls into a circle). If you’re wondering it’s really weird buying a bottle of wine when you’re 8 months pregnant. I felt like I had to sneak AND explain to the the guy behind the counter that I wasn’t actually going to drink it, just take pictures of it! He looked at my like I was crazy, but it’s all in a days work for a blogger I guess.

My black and white snake had a REALLY yellow belly so I gave it a quick blast of black spray paint. Before:





When the paint is dry drape your snake over the bottle and get ready to scare some one!

Halloween Wine Bottle Decoration Close Up


Rawr! Isn’t he great? You could decorate a whole wine bar for a few dollars. Do you have any last minute Halloween Decorations?