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Farm Books for Kids

We read books together every night, at least two but sometimes a whole pile. A lot of our favorite books are farm related. Based on the way we live, I don’t think it’s that shocking.

Farm Books for kids

We really, really love our books and they show it. As much as I would love them to stay pristine and collectible it’s just not in the cards. Our books have crayon decorations, sticky spots from juice, tape from enthusiastic flap opening and the occasional bit mark. Our books may not look pretty, but they sure are loved.

There are several books that get picked a few times a week (each girl gets to pick one before bed) and The Little Blue Truck is definitely in the top 5. There are lots of animal noises and it’s easy to read. It has a nice rhythm that moves along and you get to  do an angry voice for the Dump Truck and a cheerful little beep for the truck.

children's farm books The Little Blue Truck, Apple Farmer Annie, Peek-a-Boo Farm Barnyard Dance

I can’t be the only that that reads in different voices right? True story, in 7th grade we had to write children’s stories as a group and I was unanimously nominated to read ours. Because I “do all the voices” I’m a very animated reader!

I get that from my mom, she used to act out It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny for my sister and I when we were young. I remember her reading it when I was 16 and all three of us laughing until we cried. That’s not technically a farm book but if you can find it grab a copy!

Mary’s current favorite book is Apple Farmer Annie or as she calls it “Apple Annie” it’s about an apple farmer named Annie and how she grows and sells her apples. It’s a short book and there are lots of opportunities for counting,  colors and matching. There’s a lot of repetition, it seems like every other word is apple! So it would be great for a beginning reader.

little girl reading peek-a-boo farm

Kat’s favorite at the moment is Peek-a-Boo Farm, if you have little kids you know that lift-the-flap books are basically the coolest things ever! Peek-a-Boo Farm is another board book, each page is a different animal with a clue, then you have to guess what the animal is.

The next two are classic barnyard children’s book by Sandra Boynton, Moo, Baa, Fa La La  and Barnyard Dance. Both are short board books (seeing a theme here?) with funny animals. Barnyard Dance might not be the best before bed, we like to do the dance along with the book. It’s never fails to give at least one of the girls the giggles!

If you’re looking for a longer farm book Click Clack Moo might be for you. It’s another one where you get to pull off some awesome character voices, along with some moo’s and quacks! It might be about extortion but at least it’s cute 😉

I think we read Serious Farm at least twice a week (and they have a whole bookshelf to pick from!). Serious Farm is about a very serious farmer, he is so serious his animals even try to run away. In the end they all come together and decide that family is important even though you aren’t all the same.

There’s lots of opportunities for grumpy voices with this one. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself saying “There’s nothing funny about corn” next time you’re in the grocery store.

Out of all these books The Hat has the most beautiful illustrations. You can find more details in the illustrations each time you read it. It is a very cute story about a hedgehog and an unexpected fashion experiment.

Blue Chicken is about a little chicken making a big mess. This one is a great before bedtime book. It’s a little dramatic in the beginning but it comes together in the end and with a calm voice puts the girls to sleep. There was much snatching while I was trying to take pictures. Between Mary piling on more books and Kat stealing them it was almost impossible.

Remember how popular the flaps were in Peek-a-Boo Farm? We were gifted the next-level flap-book for Christmas a few years ago. Fisher Price Little People: Let’s go to the Farm is full of barnyard adventures. There are approximately 9 million flaps.

This is a book you need some time to get through. Don’t let your sneaky kids pick it for a bedtime story unless you want to be up until 4 am counting baby chicks!

I saved the loudest for last, Noisy Farm is a board book that plays animal sounds. It’s one of those ‘small doses’ books. The girls love to take turns petting the animals and making them talk. The buttons can be tricky to find for the littlest ones. We actually broke ours from over use, the back cover was somehow removed. It’s on the list to get replaced soon.

We have a lot more books that we love but I thought I’d start out with our favorite farm books. Do you have any favorites that I’ve missed? Share them in the comments!


Monday 16th of April 2018

This is an awesome post! There are several books here I think my Great Niece and Nephew would LOVE! Their daddy works on a farm so they spend a lot of time there. My Great Niece about the age of 10 even drove the semi along side the harvesting tractor (not sure what it's really last fall. Daddy was in the passenger seat of course!