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Baby Footprint Halloween Card

Halloween is tomorrow and I’m still sewing away at Mary’s costume. This little hedgehog WILL have a full head of spikes when we head out to hand out our last minute baby footprint Halloween cards.

Capture your little ones tiny toes with a printable baby footprint Halloween card


As with most things in my life I planned this out… 2 months ago? And here we are painting a teething baby with candy corn feet while I fight off a head cold and Mike recovers from the 16 pounds of sugar in his birthday cake (I made him a Recess Peanut butter cake and I don’t eat PB and chocolate together so he gets to eat the whole thing).


  • White, orange and yellow paint
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors
  • Baby
  • Painters tape (optional)
  • Wipes or damp towel
  • Someone who owes you a favor
  • Glass of wine (optional)

Capture your little ones tiny toes with a printable baby footprint Halloween card


  1. Set up your text in Word, Photoshop ect. I set up so they’d print 2 on an 8.5*11 sheet of paper. Print out as many as you need plus a few more. OR write your message in by hand
  2. Fold along the middle to mark the center and cut in half (use a paper cutter if you have one) I recommend doing this before the foot printing so if your baby goes nuts you only lose one card not two (again, print extras)
  3. Remove as much clothing as possible from both yourself, your helper and the baby, also hide all pets and possible put down a drop cloth
  4. We’re going to do the print toes down towards the bottom so eyeball the feet and mentally divide them into thirds. Paint the heels white, the toes yellow and the middle zone orange. My husband held Mary as she wiggled though this part. She was really interest in sticking her clean foot in the paint tray while NOT putting the painted foot on the paper.
  5. *If you’re doing this alone tape the cards to the table with painters tape, they’ll stick to the feet and it’s easier not to smudge if they stay down. Painters tape is low tac so it won’t damage the cards
  6. “Stamp” the foot down  under the arched lettering
  7. Re-paint between cards, if your colors get too blurry wipe off the feet  and start over
  8. Repeat with the other foot, we had to take a break in between feet so Mary could chill out a little bit
  9. Clean off the baby, hand her/him over to your helper, drink your wine and get in the shower to clean off the paint

Deliver your adorable cards with a tiny hedgehog or what ever critter you happen to find this Halloween!