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Archives for March 2013

Buff Orpingtons – New Life on the Farm


Buff Orpington Chick

A trip to Tractor Supply to price check for our big spring project. We’re raising 50 meat birds this year and plan on building 2 cattle panel chicken tractors to raise the birds in the orchard. They will hopefully hold meaties in the spring and fall and be used as breeding pens in the summer so we can hatch out our own light brahmas, red laced blue wyandottes and orpingtons without crossbreeding. They will also provide shelter for the muscovies when they do their thing and provide me with dozens and dozens of ducklings. The other benefit will be not mowing the orchard nearly as often, the birds will keep the grass down, eat bugs and fertilize the soil. [Read more…]

3 Leaf Clover Zipper Pin Tutorial


I’m a little bit Irish (I like to joke that I’m a mix of everything that sunburns) so I wanted to make a little something to wear for St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a simple folding/twisting pattern loosely based on the cloverleaf  (the basic pattern used for barrel racing). You can’t do a true clover leaf or your zipper gets twisted up.St. Patrick's Day Pin

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Fonts on the First – Polka Dot Fonts


Are you ready for your (slight late) monthly dose of font love? I’ve got a great round up for you this time with a whole collection of polka dotty goodness.

March Font Collection

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Easy {Kids} St. Patricks Day Word Search


I’ve got a super easy St. Patricks Day word search for you:

Free Kids St. Patrick's Day Wordsearch

You can download  the PFD from Google Docs. I provide these wordsearches free of charge, print as many copies as you would like but please do not sell them!

I’m sorry I’ve been completely absent, my husband and I have been working endlessly on a new project. I hope I’ll be able to share it with you all very soon!