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sham-Rock, Paper, Scissors

Some part of me is Irish (I usually say I’m a mix of everything that sunburns!) but I think my love of St. Patrick’s day is about my love for the color green. I’ve never been a pink person, even when I was a little girl! So now that Valentine’s day is behind us bring one the shamrocks!!
I’m sure you all saw the fancy paper hearts all over blog land.
That’s more or less that these are, except they’re connected at the bottom.
I used a hot glue gun and some 1/2 inch strips of paper.
You need 6 strips:
[2] 8.5 in
[2] 6.5 in
[1] 7.5 in
[1] 5.5 in
[1] ~3 in strip for the the ‘stem’ (I used a contrasting color here)
This is much less confusing than it seems! You’re making two identical double hearts plus one that’s 1/2 inch shorter
Fold a crease in the center and place a teeny-tiny dot of glue right on the crease.
Pinch it closed and let the glue harden. Do this with all 6 strips
On the shorter strip, open the fold and glue ends together so you get a heart like this:
Do that with the 3 short strips. Now you need to make the outside hearts
Basically the same, only instead of gluing the ends together you glue them to the small heart.
This is the order you want, with the shorter one in the middle. On the long hearts you need to bend 1/2  from the end and 1 inch from the bend. This will make the stand so the clover stands up once it’s all glued together.
Now glue them together. Make sure the one in the middles stops before the ‘stump’ flares out.
When you’re gluing them together sneak the last piece of paper in so it stays put when you wrap the stem.
Wrap the stem at least one full time, I just keep going until I’m out of paper then secure with glue.
You might need to squish and wiggle things around a bit to get it right.

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