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Archives for December 2011

Top 5 for 2011

I’ve seen a whole lotta Top 10’s posted in the last few days. 
So I figured, sometimes bandwagons are fun! And jumped right on. 
I didn’t feel that I had enough posts to actually choose 10, seeing as I started this little blog in September, and only have 48 (this makes 49!) posts. So I’m linking back to five previous posts. 
This is the only non-Christmas post in the top 5! 

and the number 1 post, in both views and comments…
5 years of Crazy Christmas Cards 

probably because of this guy:

Who I swear has doubled in size since this was taken!

Just for fun, the top 3 sites sending people my way:

Savvy Southern Style

Hold it! Drop That Tree!!

This is for those of you with real trees; 
those of you with fake ones keep on eating cookies and eggnog!
Give them to your Goat! 
mmmmmmm pine
This little charmer is/was Phoebe (now shes called Ante).
This is actually about 75% Christmas Tree and 25% Snow. 
The trees serve several purposes. 
The goats and llamas will strip them pretty fast. 
The late, great Cuzco (brown) best. llama. ever.
This is actually Dorthy’s final ‘wallow’ from last years semi-dead cow adventure. When she got up they decided to move in. These trees were actually placed around her for wind/snow breaks.

Behind the chubby Miss Sophia you can see trees placed around the emu (don’t ask) barn, it keeps the snow from blowing in and adds some insulation. They also create fun pockets of joy for the chickens. The ducks and chickens peck but I’m sure sure they really eat anything.
Her… uh good side. The trees provide free forage for the goats and llamas in the winter when hay is expensive and greenery is hard to come by. In theory the wood that’s left can be shipped up and used in stall. Usually we just have a terrifying bonfire in the spring.
Last year they stopped counting around 200. Several local towns started dropping off trees by the trailor load.
Don’t have access to a goat? 
Look for ‘tree recycling signs’ or ask at a feed store, like TSC.
Most farmers I know would be glad to show you around in exchange for a tree.
Check with local zoos, I know a big cat sanctuary in Florida took a bunch and gave them to the cats to claw.
One more reason not to use tinsel!

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Thursay Favorite Things Blog Hop

Winding down with the Christmas Projects but I’m VERY excited to day to be co-hosting: 
Katherine is a sweetheart who really goes out of her way to help out new (and old) bloggers. Please, please, please show her some support!

Thursdays Favorite Things Hop is where you can link your favorite post to share with old and new followers or write a post about your favorite things!
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House Tour

So… Christmas… Sunday…
Really? REALLY!?
I haven’t wrapped a single thing past the Pancake Gift Basket. In my defense my cat likes to unwrap gifts (she eats the paper) so I’m better off waiting really. I’ve got Friday off so that seems like a good time right? I’ve reached the point where I’m calling it quits on some Christmas projects (so no new tree skirt and no new stockings for Mikey and I) while focusing on a final few (stockings for the new pets and finishing up gifts). I feel like I’ve been creating and crafting non-stop since early November and there is SO MUCH left I want to do! Guess that’s what happens when you start from scratch. 
Starting with the gift-ables. Meet the New Mr. Frog (chilling with the original of course). Strangely both have bows. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find stuffed animals anymore?  
Bears are pretty easy to find compared to other animals. 
It makes me really sad that it’s hard to find a toy that doesn’t play with itself (you know what I mean, you try to say it without being dirty). Do kids these days lack all imagination? I’m only 23! Has the world changed this much in 15 years? The toys I remember are all stuffed animals. They had personality! We had adventures! I talked about our frog/bear tradition here but I thought you might like to see who we found. 
I’ve started putting up the cards we receive in the kitchen. The garland is tacked up with thumb tacks. I hot glued ornament hooks to one side of a clothes pin and a decoration to the other. Then I clipped the card to the hook and sipped the hook over the garland.My cat likes to chew on this type of garland so I can only put it up high like this.
I posted about the Nativity here. Some of my other posted projects are featured her too. 
I’m not crazy about the wreaths here but it’s an odd space. The paper chain is on the TV, again not crazy about there but what-ev. The stockings on the bookshelf are for the chinchillas and the parrots. 
Madagascar anyone? 
We’ve got out lame stockings up (found the other bow!) on my stocking holders. I covered the ‘candles’ with some scrapbook paper. 
This is our first Santa! We didn’t have one so I picked him up a Joann’s, I think he was about $5 on clearance. He fits my ‘modern rustic’ theme pretty well. The wooden stand is from a garage sale, it’s filled with yarn balls (real balls! Not styrofoam covered in yarn! When I finish a project I wrap the leftovers into a ball like this) and some bells. I made the yo-yo garland last year, it’s not long enough to put on the tree and it hangs funny so I just snaked it over the table. The scent warmer is from Walmart, the BHG collection. 
And my tree. It’s been mocked by my family for being short and REALLY fat. It’s also been called… the blair with tree… But I love it! I handmade EVERY ornament on it, save the lights and the teal beads. The topper is a giant twig star. There are more smaller stars scattered around the tree. It’s got bells, gift tags, stuffed trees (and two snowmen!) and twisted felt garlands. The tree skirt is just green fleece I tucked around the stand. See the Pancake Breakfast Gift Basket?
All lit up! I love my lights! They have 16 different settings. I change them every day. Sometimes I really like the slow glow while sometimes I’m in the mood for crazy flashing. 
Blair Witch? I think not!

Free Christmas Word Search – Printable

So the kids are out of school and I’m sure you need some quiet time.
Or any time. Christmas is basically tomorrow (guess who hasn’t wrapped a single gift? Yeah, that’d be me) and if you’re all set feel free to stop by, I have lots of things you can do. You could guard my ‘tree skirt’ (actually just a giant piece of fleece from my stash) from The Puppy. He is absolutely certain it belongs in the kitchen.
Back to quite time! One thing I miss from being a kid? Word searches.  I love me some themed word searches. I’ve been known to do them on restaurant place mats in crayon. So I made some for you! I made two versions
A generic Christmas Version:
And a religious version:

Feel free to print as many as you want.
You can download them here (it’s a single 2 page PDF).
Or email me @ and I can send you the PDF.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Let me know if you like these (in the comments) and I’ll post more!

If you want to create your own word searches I used this site