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Halloween DIY #2 : Giant Lawn Spiderwebs

Long ago (my second post I believe, not really that long ago) I promised a second spider decoration.  This one if for the great outdoors. I got the idea from my boyfriends family. Every year his mother criss-cosses and tangles yarn all across her porch to make a giant spider web, complete with a tangled up Barbie doll.

At our new house we don’t have a porch in the front of the house so I adapted it (made it easier to clean up and reuse too) for my house. We have 2 small trees in the front yard that I thought would be perfect for this little project.
All you need is some rope (I used white clothesline), scissors, an anchor point (I used trees) and something to attach the rope to the ground. I used landscape pins left over from a garden project, if you have tent stakes or even heavy wire that would also work.
First make a loop.
 Next run the rope through the loop and tie one landscape pin to the end.
You can see I wasn’t really careful about clipping my ends,  might trim them I might not, at this point it doesn’t bother me. Made a V from the ground to the loop back to the ground.
I used 2 V’s for the small web and 3 for the larger web.
Tie a knot to one outside rope and work your way to the other side by looping the the rope around the strings, tie a knot at the end and cut the rope. You could knot each one but I’m lazy and I wanted this to be done quickly.
Repeat until you like it. I did 2 rows on the small web and 3 on the larger web.  You can jazz them up with spiders and barbies.

Easy right? Check out the 2013 version! We went even bigger and I managed to trap my super pregnant self but my husband rescued me


  1. Very Clever! I bet the kids love your house! 🙂

  2. My first comment! Thank you so much!

  3. I would have never thought to do something like this. I love the results. You will have the spooky Halloween house for sure! I am a new follower from Tatertots and Jello. Vicky from