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Patriotic Burlap Pinwheel Wreath


It’s time to dress up your front door just in time for Flag Day! It takes almost no time to cover the wreath form and add a few decorations for a festive burlap pinwheel wreath.

4th of July Wreath #Burlap #DIY


  • 1 Straw Wreath Form (If you’re not familiar you can pick them up at Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s (bring a coupon!) for a couple dollars)
  • Natural Colored Burlap
  • Red and Blue Cotton (the thicker the better)
  • White Burlap
  • Fusible Web
  • Buttons
  • Bakers Twine
  • Square Ruler/Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Glue Gun
  • Needle and Thread

**Safety Warning!!**

Burlap and hot glue are a dangerous combo, be very careful! I recommend the “scissor slap”. Use the blades of your scissors (closed) to push the two layers together, the hot glue probably won’t stick to the metal and if it does it peels right off. 

pain free burlap + hot glue


As pretty as it is, you want to start by covering with everyone’s favorite plastic wrapped straw wreath form with pretty fringe-y burlap. Leave the plastic on! Cut your natural burlap into 3 inch wide strips, carefully shred about 1/2 an inch on ONE side. Secure the strip to the wreath and carefully wrap around the wreath form so the frayed side overlaps the row above.

Burlap Wrapped Wreath Form

I used 7 strips, it will look nicest is you add the new strips on the back. When you’re all done set the wreath aside and get ready for the fun part.

Square measurements:  (1) 7 inch – Blue, (1)  5 inch – Red, (1)  3 inch – Red

Trace your squares on the paper side of the fusible interfacing. Roughly cut them out, leave at least a 1/4 inch around the outsides. If it’s creased or wrinkly iron the white burlap and colored cotton, you want it smooth. Place the cotton, wrong side up on your ironing board. Following the fusible directions apply it to your cotton fabric. Cut out the squares following the lines you made on the paper.

Now you can peel of the paper and  get ready for the burlap. Lay your fabric squares on the burlap, carefully fuse them together. Do this over some junk fabric, the burlap should be thick enough that you don’t get any oozing from the fusible but you never know.  Carefully cut the burlap following the outline of the cotton square.

Pinwheel Instructions

Now get your ruler back out, lightly draw an X on the cotton side of each square. Leaving 1 inch in the center intact cut along the lines.

Folded Pinwheel

Fold every other point in, making your pinwheels. I use the burlap as the ‘back’  and the red and blue as the ‘front’. Do a few quick stitches to hold the centers together, you could use hot glue but it’s messy and more floppy. Tie a piece of twine through the button holes and glue it to the center of your pinwheel.

Patriotic Pinwheel Wreath

Figure out your placements, glue on your pinwheels, add and hang ‘er up!

Burlap and Cotton Pinwheels


If you’re looking for some more patriotic flair check out my Firecracker Centerpiece, the Americows and 15 Minute Patriotic Embroidery.


  1. This is such a darling wreath…you had one wonderful idea!

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  2. Hey Alicia! this turned out really cute! I have a burlap wreath that I put seasonal items on, and love your pinwheel idea! thanks for sharing!
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  3. This turned out so cute! Love the layered pinwheels! Thanks for sharing! Bonnie @ Uncommon Designs
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  4. Lovely! Very festive!

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