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Archives for April 2012

Rhubarb Muffin Failure and some Rhubarb Tips

I’ve got tons of rhubarb around my house.
I dug up and divided 4 plants and the 3 remaining ones are still providing enough for a small country.

I love cooking with rhubarb. It’s very tart and has a unique flavor. It’s very rare to eat something with rhubarb that isn’t full of sugar or other fruits. It actually bakes with a texture similar to apples.

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What’s Cluckin’ Link Party #1

Here we go!
Starting up my own Linky Party.

Here are the rules:

Each week will have a theme, link up ANY* post that fits the theme, old or new.
The themes will generally be vague but please have some connection!
It can be a craft, photos, a recipe ect.
Don’t make me be the grinch!

*Please no giveaways or shops

Link up to a single post, not your blog

Pretty please link back with a text link or button!
It doesn’t have to be on the post, just have it somewhere on your blog

Check out at least 2 other entries for everything you enter.
It’s all about the love!

You don’t have to be a follower but I’d love it!

Chicken Scratch NY

WW: Picture worth 1000 Words

I love my kitty. It’s hard to ‘capture’ her on film. This picture was an accident.

But it screams her name

If you put your nose up to the screen that’s what I wake up to every morning

I’ll be starting my own link party tomorrow! 
It’ll have a weekly theme but for the first week it’s anything goes.
Please come back and link up!
Chicken Scratch NY

Wedding Bells: A Call for Guest Posters


It’s (mostly) official!

After being engaged since October 2011, I’ll be getting hitched in October 2012!

I imagine it’ll look something like this

Still working out the major details (like the date) but it’s gonna be a DIY festival of autumn craftyness.
We found a gorgeous barn for the reception and we’re going supper casual with the food, most likely catered by a local barbecue place.

Now I want to hear about your weddings!
If you’re interested in being featured here on Chicken Scratch drop me a line at:

ChickenScratchNY (at)

I’m looking for anything wedding related, especially DIY.
If you didn’t blog about your wedding feel free to share something you think made your day special and unique!
If you haven’t had a wedding and still want to play along share something you’d like for your wedding.

I’d like to post one a week until my wedding in October and I’ll add all the features to a special Pinterest board.

Thanks! I hope to hear from you soon!

Give Your Flowers a Boost


I L-O-V-E having cut flowers in the house.
In the spring I’ve always got daffodils, tulips and lilacs in the house.
If  I don’t pick them, the ducks will eat them!
So I pick them.


But it doesn’t always work out for me:

Sometimes the stems break off too short and it’s not a good look.
I set out to solve my problem and I thought I’d share.

 All you need is a stick (I’d imagine a straw would work really well) and some string.

You can buy flower picks that are basically wire attached to sticks.
But I like the more-or-less free DIY versio.
Make sure you add enough water to reach the stem.

Like the new spring colors? The buffet is almost done and I’ll be sharing ASAP