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Archives for March 2012

Crafty Supply Boxes

This is part one of many. You see, I have a craft room. It’s still a bit of a dream for me.
I. Have. A. Craft. Room.
And it’s a disaster. So bad I can’t bring myself to show you. That’s right. I’ll cheerfully tell you I did laundry next to two tubs of chickens for months but I won’t show you my craft room. It needs organization. Badly. And it needs cheap. I don’t have a real budget or time line. But I’d like to spend as little as possible by using what I have on hand and get it done ASAP so I can focus on my garden planning and outside stuffs. In an earlier post I talked about being a crash organizer. I need baby steps. (Actually I need a miracle) I need to make this so easy for myself that I can’t NOT be organized. 
I started out by sorting some piles of stuff. I figured out what stuff I had a lot of and assigned some photo storage boxes (these are available everywhere and always on sale somewhere) to different categories. I used my Slice and white adhesive vinyl to cut out some fancy shapes and labels. 
The Paint Box:
Just so happens that 8 bottles of paint (Apple Barrel brand, Americana ect.) fit exactly across! See! miracles! I used my finger to smear painted each cap so it matches the contents. Not only does it show the color but also the finish.
Black is gloss and orange is matte. Now I can tell at a glance what I have without digging through a box. AND I hope I can stop buying new paint for every project because I can’t find the one I need. It’s a sad. I was the same way with make up and such for dancing (seriously, ask me how many sets of fake lashes I have).

Mixed Media Spring Art


I had a whole bunch of stuff hanging around and I needed to do something with it all!

I started with:
 one failed painting, 4 mini wooden picket fences, blue and white paint, green vinyl, white buttons, spring-y paper, hot glue and my Slice.

I love how it turned out but I have no idea where to put it!

WW: The footprints on the wall

I love my puppy. I really do.
He’s a bit slow sometimes.

Despite looking like a garage door, this actually leads into the basement.
And directly above it is a window.

This is the window I yell out when I want to take a shower and Mike is filling water and I want to know how freakin long it could possibly take because I JUST WANT TO WASH MY HAIR.


Anyways, those foot prints belong to Mr. Fluff.
He gets all sorts of confused when I yell out the window.
He can hear mommy.
But he can’t see mommy.
And that it not nice.

So until my dog learns to look up (or I stop yelling out windows) I’ll have muddy paw prints on my basement doors.

Barn Quilt Reveal!

I finally finished it! After we added the windows when we finished the barn (it was originally a three sided shed) there was a large, sad expanse of grey. I knew a barn quilt would be the perfect way to break it up and add some color.
Barn Quilt Tutorial | Chicken Scratch NY
Honestly, that should say I finally started it! All in all it only took me 3 days of work and a lot of that was waiting. One for the base coat. One for the marking, taping and painting:
I tried to do all of one color at a time to cut back on brush washing
Ignore the random junk. We still haven’t unpacked the garage, don’t judge!
And one for hanging it up.
Hanging the Barn Quilt
We wanted it to stand away from the barn to inhibit moisture retention
The base color is Behr Cream Yellow (I had 3/4 gallon left over from the living room)
The rest of the paint came from Lowes.
I bought 5 sample jars:
  • La Fonda Copper (orange)
  • Mark Twain House Grey Brick (green)
  • La Fonda Deep Blue (blue)
  • Fairmont Penthouse Garnet (burgundy)
  • Bees Wax (dark yellow)
I’ve got more than 1/2 jar left of each color, you could easily do a 2 color quilt with the same amount of paint.
My ‘quilt’ is only 4×4, my barn is only one story and an 8×8 quilt would have been monstrous! Once we put in some plants it won’t look quite so lonely.
View from the road
Like that plywood against the left side of the barn?
That’s to keep Sophia in. Some how she squeezes out of that 1.5ft space.
The total cost was around $20 for the paint, brushes and tape.
The plywood was salvaged from the turkey pen at the old house (free!)
I also got poly- sealer but the temperature tanked so I’m waiting for it to warm up out of the 30’s and I’ll seal it on the barn (but you should totally seal it before you put one out!)
Before touch up
Some tips:
  • If you use rough plywood – buy some cheap chip brushes.You’ll mangle them trying to get the paint in all the cracks
  • Thick and Sloppy is the name of the game. This board was so rough (and sucked up paint like crazy) that I found it best to slap on massive amounts of paint
  • Step back – you’ll drive yourself nuts trying to make the lines perfect. Step back 3 feet, if it looks straight leave it alone!
  • Don’t do ‘Broken Dishes’ (bottom left). I just about went cross-eyed trying to fill that in and it doesn’t stand out as well as the others from far away
  • Keep it simple! Large block of color work best at long distances
  • Don’t worry about spills. They are easy to cover up with a few dabs of paint
  • Don’t be afraid to fudge a bit if your lines don’t meet up
This is much more forgiving than an actual quilt!
I loved making this and I wish I had another barn so I could make more!

Rainy Sunday

Ugh. It’s been a day and a half here!

I’ve been working on my super awesome project for the last two days.
Hopefully I’ll have it done and ready to share by Tuesday when I have help putting it up.

Got a bit side tracked when a neighbor stopped by to tell me my turkey was down by her barn.
Cut to 1 hour traipsing trough the woods looking for the hen.
Almost caught her once but then she got away.
We lost her about 1/2 mile from the house so I’m hoping she’ll hear the toms (all 4 are gobbling up a storm these days) and make it back.

So far we’ve been incredibly lucky with predators. We’ve lost one duck and 2 polish hens that refused to go in the barn at night, preferring the life threatening strategy of sitting in the middle of a field.

Who wouldn’t come back for this? Check out that beard!

I’ll keep you updated!