3 Steps to Fool Proof Chicken Sexing

Omelets or Soup?

By Chicken Scratch NY

One of the trickiest things about keeping chickens is figuring out whether you have Roosters or Hens

Comb Size



Hens can crow, grow spurs and have large combs

Are not helpful!




Vent sexing is the only reliable way to sex newly hatched chicks. 

It's a tricky process that isn't 100% accurate and should be left to the professionals.

The best way to tell roosters from hens is by adult feather patterns.

If you're lucky you'll know by 8-10 weeks of age but by 12 weeks it will be obvious

Look For:

Curved Tail Feathers

Pointed Hackle Feathers

Waterfall of Saddle Feathers

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