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Princess Christmas Countdown Tree

I’ve wanted to do some sort of Christmas Countdown for a long time now.  I was browsing in Hobby Lobby and found (of all things) a pink Christmas tree and a miniature tree skirt with the word “Princess” on it. A little while (and about $30) later I had everything I needed to put together a Christmas Countdown Tree for my 6 year old niece cousin (my Grandmother emailed me to point out that I don’t even have a niece, oops!) Scarlett. (Side note, on Thanksgiving we found out her mom is pregnant so she’s going to be a big sister again! I tell ya, our family has all of sudden started popping out babies left and right!)

Girly Advent Calender

I used boxes left over from my wedding favors, scrapbook paper, glue dots and a sharpie to decorate the boxes. The first 4 are all garlands, the next 19 are ornaments and the last one is the tree topper.  There isn’t a whole lot to it so here it is in pictures:

Princess Christmas Tree

Boxed Princess Ornaments

Wrapped Christmas Countdown

Now she’ll have her own tree to decorate every year and really, what little girl wouldn’t love to have her very own princess tree? I know mine loved it:

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