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[cake] Pops O’ Gold

I have zero cake decorating skills, if you know what you’re doing, these will look so much better!

You need:
Cake Pops – I made vanilla and added green food coloring*
Candy melts: green, yellow and black
Gold gel glitter frosting (found this at Joanns)

*If you don’t have a cake pop maker/are lazy get some plain donut holes

Melt the green candy melts, I used about 1/3 of a bag for 12 oreos
Dip the Oreos, cover the top and all the sides
Sprinkle with shamrocks and green sprinkles

Melt the black candy melts. Dip the cake pops in up to the yellow, try to keep it level, I did a bad job at the part.
Before the candy hardens stick the cake pop to the oreo, the candy will pool and it will look like the base of the pot. Let them sit until totally hard or they will fall apart.

Melt some yellow candy melts. Holding the contraption by the oreo, dip the top of each cake pop in the melted candy up to where the black starts. Let the candy set (see a pattern?)
Melt some more black candy, put them in a plastic bag, snip off a teeny bit of the corner and pipe a line where the yellow and black meet. This is the lip of the pot.
When all of this is set, slap the gold glitter icing on the yellow candy (it’s mostly translucent) and top with gold sprinkles. Like these:

And there you have it! Some fancy St. Patrick’s Day treats
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